Hi there and welcome to the Raffle Creator Blog. We made Raffle Creator because we think that too many non-profits are ignoring the internet. And the ones that to give it any attention treat is as an after thought.

We believe that the Internet should be the first place that someone trying to raise money goes. As the world goes online, so will fundraising. We want to help you be ahead of the game.

You’re probably asking yourself, what makes these guys different? How do they know anything more than the other fundraising blogs?

Well, we’re a little different because we grew up on the internet. We know how it work, we know what audiences respond to, and most importantly we’re fluent in the culture of the internet.

To be successful with running a fundraiser online, you can’t keep the same mindset that you’ve used for years offline. The demographic entirely different.

On this blog, we want to teach you what we know as natural internet citizens. We also have the benefit of seeing first hand what works and what doesn’t work because of Raffle Creator.

Some Questions That We Hope To Answer

  • What are the most effective ways of marketing my cause online?
  • How can I get a presence online in 2013?
  • How can I make an online raffle successful?

What Now?


Justin Woodbridge is the founder of Raffle Creator