Here’s the reality of selling raffle tickets online for yourself. Want to jump to to good news?

The internet has been around for over a decade now, and in these past ten years, its stabilized and matured into vibrant ecosystem. Everyday, millions of people check Twitter and Facebook and casually browse the web. The web isn’t a strange, unknown place anymore: its everyone’s daily destination for news and entertainment. Nowadays, its a great opportunity for selling raffle tickets and raising money for your school’s next trip or sports team.

But selling tickets online isn’t straightforward. First of all, you need to build a website. You’ll have to learn HTML and CSS, the programming languages of the web. Then, you’ll need to figure out to host the thing (let people see it) the thing: you’ll have to pay a monthly cost to someone to put it on one of their servers. After that, you’ll have to figure out the nightmare that is understanding how to take credit cards. Accepting credit cards is safe and easy, but only AFTER you’ve registered to do so. Getting there is a lot of work and you’ll have to cut through a lot of bureaucracy to get there.

The whole process:

  1. Built a web page by hand
  2. Pay for web hosting (a recurring cost)
  3. Make sure that your website is secure and cannot be hacked into.
  4. Sign up for PayPal or some other credit card processor.
  5. Install analytics software
  6. Integrate with Twitter and Facebook by hand

On top of that, how do you keep track of all the information of your donors? You’ve got to make sure all of their contact information is correct and up to date. Every time someone buys tickets on your page, you have to make sure to add them to your list of donors and manually store their information buy hand. That’s a time sink, it should be automated, and you should never have to think about it.

The Good News

As you can tell, its going to be a lot of work, a full time job if you want it done the right way. But there’s an easier way, this is where Raffle Creator comes in. Raffle Creator makes selling raffle tickets and promoting your raffle online a snap. We take away all the confusing complexity that goes with making websites and selling tickets online. With Raffle Creator, you can build a web page advertising your raffle and start accepting credit card to sell tickets online in minutes.

With Raffle Creator, the process becomes:

  1. Write about your cause
  2. Launch your web page
  3. Sell tickets online

On top of that, Raffle Creator provides powerful tools to manage your raffle. You get a central place to store all donor information so you never lose any information again. And guess what? Any time someone buys tickets, they are automatically added to your database and you’re sent an email to notify you.

A few more of the great benefits Raffle Creator provides

  • You get a central place to store all donor information so you never lose any tickets again.
  • As donors buy tickets, they are automatically added to your database. No manual work required!
  • Integrated with twitter and facebook. Your page has share buttons built-in automatically.
  • Works on iPhones and iPads

Raffle Creator is free to trysign up and build a page today. You only pay when you launch.


Justin Woodbridge is the founder of Raffle Creator