My name is Tim House. I created BGEGiveaways and with the help of a few friends Daniel Frye and Justin Bourn, we are coming together to raise money for these two families to support anything they may need help with.  We are providing a chance to win 2 Big Green Egg MiniMax's, a YETI cooler and a mystery prize valued at  at least $100. If you are a winner, you will be able to pick up your new Big Green Egg at your local Egg Dealer, so shipping is not an issue, and everyone can participate.

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Avery and Anna Reese both have been diagnosed with Glycogen Storage Disease
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Ivy has been diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML)
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From the Family of Avery and Anna Reese:

Our beautiful daughter, Avery, was diagnosed with Glycogen Storage Disease when she was 9 months old. We have spent the last 8 years of her life struggling to cope with this disease and all the changes it has brought to our lives. In 2014, we were blessed with a second beautiful daughter named Anna Reese who was also diagnosed with Glycogen Storage Disease.

GSD is a rare genetic disorder centered in the liver and because of a missing enzyme the body cannot maintain normal blood sugar levels without constant feedings. Children with this disease must be fed every one to four hours, day and night, and must follow a very strict dietary regimen. Missing a feeding by just 30 minutes can have catastrophic effects, including seizures and death. There are many times in the past 8 years that we have watched our children endure this disease and been overwhelmed by a feeling of helplessness. We have decided there is something we can do. We have decided to fight. Luckily, we have some great physicians and researchers fighting with us. We established Avery's Hope Fund to raise money for Glycogen Storage Disease research. Our hope is that a cure is found and these children can live their lives without this disease.

100% of the donations that we receive go to benefit the Glycogen Storage Disease program at the University of Florida. With the combination of advances in gene therapy, more public awareness, and financial support, a cure is just around the corner.

From the Family of IvyLou:
Since she came into our lives November 2013, Ivy has brought us immeasurable joy. Diagnosed before she was born with Down Syndrome, we knew she would face some challenges as she grew up. But her family, including her parents and three older siblings, were committed to standing by her through all of them. To our delight, we watched her grow into the feisty, funny, and beautiful two-year-old she is today.

On September 1, 2015, Ivy received a new diagnosis--Acute Myeloid Luekemia (AML). AML is a rare cancer that interferes with the production of normal blood cells through the rapid growth of abnormal white blood cells, which accumulate in the bone marrow. Children with Down Syndrome have an increased risk of AML.

While this is a challenge none of us expected to face, we are committed to standing by our brave and amazing girl as she and her doctors "kick cancer's butt!" Ivy is currently undergoing chemotherapy while her parents stay at Ronald McDonald House. Your donations will help Ivy and our family tremendously during this physically, emotionally, and financially difficult time. Our girl has risen to meet many trials in just two short years with grace and tenacity. AML doesn't stand a chance.

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What You Could Win

  • If located outside of the USA 48 statesand winner of a BGE, you will be awarded with the Cash Equilivent of MSRP of $599.

  • 1st Prize Big Green Egg Mini Max $599 MSRP

  • 2nd Prize Big Green Egg Mini Max $599 MSRP


    The all new MiniMaxEGG is proof that great things come in small

    packages – and this EGG is the first to arrive with its own

    transportation in the form of a sturdy, easy to grip Carrier!

    While MiniMax is perfect for camping, poolside and tailgating at the

    ballgame, it is just at home at award-winning restaurants around the

    world where top chefs love exploring the EGG’s versatility and

    discovering the amazing flavors produced in such a compact and high

    performance package. MiniMax is built to perform and is ready to travel

    to wherever your culinary interests take you!

    Opening the MiniMax dome reveals a stainless steel cooking grid

    measuring 13 inches/33 cm in diameter for a whopping 133 square

    inches/856 cm2 of cooking area … all within a convenient 19.5 inch/50 cm

    height! And, of course, MiniMax is constructed from the same ultra

    high-quality ceramics as the other six EGG sizes, and comes with the

    same best-in-class limited lifetime warranty.

    The MiniMaxEGG arrives in one complete package – including a sturdy, easy to grip Carrier.


    • Grid Diameter: 13 in / 33 cm
    • Cooking Area: 133 sq in / 856 sq cm
    • Weight: 76 lbs / 35 kgs

    The MiniMaxEGG can cook:

    • 12-pound turkey
    • 4 burgers
    • 1 chickens vertically
    • 2 steaks

    1 rack of ribs

  • Yeti 35 Tundra Cooler. $299

    The YETI Tundra 35 Cooler is the ultra-portable model of our Tundra

    line, small enough to easily carry while still packing in the

    recommended 20 cans. It’s the best road trip companion you’ll ever meet —

    some people even refer to it as their YETI Car Seat. Thanks to 2 to 3

    inches of cold-retaining insulation and extra-thick walls made from

    UV-resistant polyethylene, this cooler will keep your ice icy whether

    riding shotgun with you in the A/C, securely strapped to the back of

    your ATV, or basking in the sun on your boat. And even though it’s the

    smallest of our Tundra coolers, the 35 is still built to be grizzly

    proof. The Tundra 35 portable cooler also fits nicely in an inner tube,

    making it our best ice chest for floating down the river on a warm

    summer’s day with a few cold beers, if that’s the kind of thing that

    you’re into. And we very much are. The non-slip feet keep it from

    sliding around on your stand-up paddleboard, if you want to go a little

    more extreme. Wherever you decide to take it, this portable cooler’s

    sturdy, one-piece construction will stand up to the rigors of the


  • Mystery prize

    Minimal Retail Value of $100.