Chicago is home to numerous programs which are doing their part to prepare young minds to become engineers and IT professionals. Developing and retaining that talent is a key ingredient in the secret sauce that makes Chicago's tech companies globally competitive. 

As a technology community, we want to support budding engineers as they progress through school and then keep them here when they graduate. To this end, the team behind Chicago Tech Rocks is helping to bring our local community together to show our support for:

i.c.stars, Lumity, Genesys Works, Project Infinite Green, Year Up, and Black Tech Mecca.

So buy a raffle ticket and tell all your friends to support the next generation of tech talent in Chicago!

And, if you haven't already done so, get your CONCERT TICKETS HERE

We'll announce the winner of the raffle live at the Chicago Tech Rocks on August 25, 2016. Hope to see you there!

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What You Could Win

  • Tesla Model S or up to $50,000 in cash

    That's right! You could win a Tesla Model S and if you win we'll even help you with the taxes!

    According to, "the Tesla Model S luxury sport sedan has the potential for stunning performance in terms of both acceleration and handling. Yet, as with many Electric Vehicles, the Model S provides near-silent propulsion, further enhancing its luxurious silence on the road." 

    According to the team at Chicago Tech Rocks, the Tesla just plain rocks! 

    Good news! If a new car isn't your thing, you can take a cash prize worth up to $50,000 instead! So, support Chicago's next generation of tech talent buy buying raffle tickets! 

    Full details about the raffle, your odds of winning, and other stipulations are available on our website.