Bike Florida is raising funds to rebuild an important monument for cyclists in Florida.  The monument memorializes a tragic accident that ultimately resulted in an important turning point in the evolution of cycling activism in Florida. 

A Tragic Event

On Dec. 26, 1996, a group of six cyclists were riding on a rural road in northeast Florida, on their way from Gainesville to St. Augustine. The driver of a small pickup truck ran into their pace line from behind, killing two of the cyclists and seriously injuring the other four.

Dead were Margaret Raynal and Doug Hill, well known in Florida's cycling community as safe cycling advocates. Injured were Lauri Triulzi, Jessica Green, Eric Finnan and Charles Hinson.

A Positive Response

That horrific accident proved to be a turning point in the evolution of cycling activism in Florida. Out of that tragedy arose two positive and far-reaching developments:
  • The reformation of the Florida Bicycle Association as a forceful voice for cyclist's rights, 
  • a successful initiative to establish Florida's Share The Road license tags. 
Proceeds from tag sales have since provided millions of dollars to help support bicycle safety and education programs in Florida.

Gone but not Forgotten

That their loss would not be forgotten, a public art project was created in their memory. Six heavy "rammed earth" structures - each embedded with smashed bicycle parts from the accident scene - were erected on Gainesville's Depot Avenue rail-trail. 

In need of Repair

But now, nearly 20 years later, the projects information kiosk has been dismantled and the sculptures themselves are in need of restoration. The rail-trail has been relocated and the memorials to the fallen cyclists are all but obscured behind landscaping planted in conjunction with the renovation of a nearby historic train station.

We at Bike Florida, with your help, are committed to relocating and rebuilding this memorial.  

Bike Florida is dedicating our 20th Anniversary Spring Tour to the memory of those cyclists and will be hosting a fundraiser at the Fountain of Youth in St Augustine, FL as part of the tour. 

As part of that fundraising effort we are hosting this raffle.  Every ticket sale bring us closer to our goal of restoring this memorial.  

We are offering 3 prizes for the Raffle:

  • A 7 Day Tour Registration to our 20th Anniversary Tour - March 22-28, 2014
  • A 2 Day Tour Registration to the Palatka Cycling Festival - March 22 and 23rd, 2014
  • A 1 Day Registration to Ride the Daytona International Speedway - March 25th, 2014
You can read more about these tours, on our website:

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What You Could Win

  • 7 Day Tour Registration

    Free registration for the 2014 Magical History Tour

  • 2 Day Tour Registration

    Free Registration for the Palatka Cycling Festival (the first two days of the Magical History Tour)

  • Ride the Speedway - One Day Tour Registration

    Free One Day Registration allows rider to ride the Daytona International Speedway.