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New Hampshire Liquor and Wine Outlet's Allies for Animals Raffle

$34,400.00 raised

· Entries close Sep 15, 2020 at 4:00PM ·

42 days to go

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The New Hampshire Liquor Commission is raffling some of the world’s most sought-after whiskies, bourbons, scotches and cordials, including rare bottles of Pappy Van Winkle, Sazerac Rye, and a Craigellachie 33-year-old Scotch to raise $200,000 for local animal rescue organizations. Proceeds will support the Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire, Live and Let Live Farm, and Friends of Manchester Animal Shelter, who collectively support thousands of animals and their owners each year. 

Due to limited production and high demand, few, if any of these products are available for sale at the manufacturer’s suggested retail prices, which is well over $7,500. The value of these products on the secondary market is more than $25,000.

  • #407 Hancock Reserve $49.99 
    • Hancock’s President’s Reserve comes from Buffalo Trace’s and is in limited release. This bourbon is named after Hancock Lee who was an early settler near Frankfort, KY. He is credited as being among the first to distill near the current Buffalo Trace Distillery in 1775. Very limited release to select markets only.  
  • #1210 Elmer T. Lee $37.99 
    • Bottled in honor of the man who worked at the distillery from 1949 to 1985. A limited release product from Sazerac. Yearly release only limited cases.  
  • #1207 High West A Midwinter Nights Dram. $99.99 
    • A limited release of High West Rendezvous Rye finished in French oak port barrels. Yearly release limited markets. 
  • #2326 Michter’s 10yr $119.99 
    • Single barrel, 10yr limited releases only. The 10-Year Bourbon expression reflects the exceptional results of uncompromising craftsmanship and Kentucky’s unrivaled climate for aging outstanding whiskey. Often much older than the age statement on the label, only a select few barrels age with the elegance required for inclusion in these highly limited releases.
  • #5274 Weller Full Proof $49.99 
    • Barreled at 114 proof, this whiskey is big and bold and only sold as a once a year release. 
  • #1398 Set of Blanton’s 8pk. $58.99 ea. ($471.92) 
    • The complete 8 bottle stopper collection with the rider in a different gait on his horse.
  • #123 Pappy Van Winkle family 10yr $59.99 
  • #158 Pappy Van Winkle family 15yr $99.99 
  • #1604 Pappy Van Winkle family 23yr $269.99
    • Very rare and limited edition Bourbon. Each barrel is carefully hand selected from the heart of the warehouse. 
  • #1684 Old Rip Van Winkle 25yr $1799.99 
    • Only 11 barrels. Juice from the Stitzel-Weller Distillery closed in 1992. Handmade Gelncairn decanter, crowned with a silver topper, comes in a wood box with a lid crafted from one of the barrels. Product release was delayed a year while the bottles and boxes were made. 
  • #2971 Sazerac 18yr $99.99 
    • Once a year limited release in honor of “America’s First Cocktail”, The Sazerac.
  • #3775 Four Roses 130th Anniversary Bourbon $159.99 
    • Made in honor of their 130 years in business, a blend of 4 different cask strength barrels aged between 10 & 16 yrs and only 13,140 bottles released. 
  • #4865 Craigellachie 33yr Single Malt $2,999.99 
    • Released in 2017 to travel retail only and then other markets with only 1,700 bottles produced. 
  • #4975 Kentucky Owl Wiseman’s Bourbon Batch 9 $299.99 
    • The highest proof release to date at 127.6 and made form 4 different Bourbons and mash bills, 2-14yr, 1-12yr, & 1-7yr and only 10,314 bottles produced. 
  • #5247 Bruichladdich Black Art 7.1 Single Malt Scotch $429.99
    • Product of the marriage of casks filled in 1994 the same year the distillery closed and it opened back up in 2001. Was bottled in 2019 at 25yrs old. Only 8,500 bottles produced. 
  • #5370 DiSaronno Riserva Limited Edition $349.99 
    • Product of the marriage of casks filled in 1994 the same year the distillery closed and it opened back up in 2001. Was bottled in 2019 at 25yrs old. Only 8,500 bottles produced. 
  • #5435 Old Fitzgerald 15yr Bottle in Bond Decanter $149.99 
    • Comprised of only 100 barrels that were filled in Sept. 2005 and bottled in Feb. 2019, the 3rd release but the oldest to date and a hallmark of the bottled in bond legacy form a single distillery, form a single distilling season, aged a minimum of 4yrs, and bottled at 100 proof.  

See Raffle Rules Here

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The Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that helps more than 2,200 cats, dogs, and small animals each year.

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Live and Let Live Farm's Rescue and Sanctuary is an animal shelter that rescues abused and unwanted animals, and provides them either a temporary or permanent safe place to interact with people.

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At the Manchester Animal Shelter, a non-profit organization started in 1996, they believe all animals are deserving of life, respect and care and their goal is zero-population-growth through spay/neuter programs and services that focus on education, medical care, fostering and adoption. 

The Prize

  • Allies for Animals Prize Package

    raffle #6.jpg 1.72 MB
    Old Rip Van Winkle 25yr
    Pappy Van Winkle Family Reserve 23yr 
    Pappy Van Winkle Family Reserve 15yr 
    Pappy Van Winkle Family Reserve 10yr
    Hancock’s President’s Reserve
    Elmer T. Lee Single Barrel Whiskey
    High West A Midwinter Night's Dram
    Weller Full Proof Bourbon
    Blanton’s Bourbon – 8 bottles-the complete Stopper Collection
    Sazerac 18yr Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey 
    Old Fitzgerald 15yr Bottled in Bond Decanter 
    Michter’s 10yr Straight Bourbon 
    Four Roses 130th Anniversary Bourbon
    Craigellachie 33yr Single Malt
    Kentucky Owl Wiseman’s Bourbon Batch 9
    Bruichladdich Black Art 7.1 Single Malt Scotch
    DiSaronno Riserva Limited Edition 

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