The Every Day Matters raffle is a WIN:WIN for anyone who takes part. You donate as little as $5 to charity and in return, get a chance to win one of many amazing prizes from some of the biggest names in music!

Sport Relief supports a wide variety of projects, from building schools and housing for those with no hope or shelter, to supplying remote areas with vital healthcare and clean water. Supporting this project means your money will genuinely save lives.

Instead of buying a cup of coffee this week, why not buy a raffle ticket instead and not only support projects in third world countries, but also give yourself a chance to win an awesome prize?

The draw will take place on Sunday 6th April, and each winner will be able to choose their prize in the order they are drawn in. 

There is no limit on how many tickets each person can buy, so to give yourself the best chance, buy more than one! There is a special deal for anyone who buys 3 tickets- it will cost $12 instead of $15!

On behalf of Sport Relief and the people who will benefit from the money we raise, thank you for getting involved in this project!

Massive thank you to everyone who contributed a prize for the project, none of this would be possible without you!

PAYPAL SUPPORT NOW AVAILABLE! For those of you wishing to pay via Paypal instead, please send your payment to and I will allocate you the relevant number of tickets and add you to the draw!

Q: If I buy multiple tickets, can I win more than one prize?
A: Of course! You are able to choose a prize for each one of your tickets that is drawn!

Q: Will I need to pay the shipping costs for my prize?
A: No, we will pay the cost of shipping your prize to you, however if you wish to cover that cost for us, that would be greatly appreciated!
  • $1,582.00

    raised of $1,500.00 goal
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    left until we draw

What You Could Win

  • Noisia VSN001 Signed Vinyl

    The vinyl release includes the incredible tracks 'Concussion' and 'The Tide'

  • KOAN Sound + Asa- Sanctuary EP Signed Vinyl

    A signed vinyl of what many consider to be the best release of 2013! Comes with limited edition artwork of the EP too.

  • Zomboy- Reanimated EP Signed Vinyl

    One of the most talked about releases of 2013 can be yours! Includes the tracks 'Raptor', 'Terror Squad', 'Bad Intentions' and 'Braindead'!

  • Camo & Krooked- Zeitgeist Album Signed Vinyl

    Another contender for the best release of 2013 can be yours- signed too!

  • Signed Feed Me- Calamari Tuesday CD

    Great album from one of the best producers around!

  • Unreleased Inspected Cap

    Zebra pattern Inspected cap!

  • Signed Savant Hoodies and Discographies

    Signed by the man himself!

  • Doctor P- Tetris Vinyl Clock

    Very cool clock made from the vinyl of Doctor P's legendary Tetris track.

  • 5 Loopmasters Sample Packs

    Your choice of 5 from the 9 CD-DVD artist sample packs on offer here:

  • Never Say Die Merchandise

    Never Say Die Compilation of awesome tracks, signed by SkisM, Mobscene and Dodge & Fuski. Never Say Die t-shirt (large)

  • UKF Merchandise Package #1

    1 Black t-shirt 1 Black hoodie

  • UKF Merchandise Package #2

    1 Grey t-shirt 1 Grey hoodie

  • Circus Records Merchandise

    Doctor P & Flux Pavilion- Superbad styled t-shirt Circus Records t-shirt Signed Flux Pavilion poster Signed Cookie Monsta + Funtcase poster Flux Pavilion Sunglasses Circus Records Stickers

  • Monstercat Merchandise

    2 Monstercat t-shirts

  • Play Me Records Merchandise

    Cyberoptics package Play Me Records items

  • Firepower Records Merchandise

    Firepower t-shirt, cap, stickers and bandana!

  • Hospital Records Merchandise

    Assortment of stickers, badges, a lanyard, a keyring and a poster

  • One on One Production Masterclass Tutorial With Varien

    A one-time session with Varien to discuss production techniques, tips and invaluable insight from someone who has many years of experience producing at the highest levels!

  • 2 Full Analogue Masters Courtesy of Audio Animals

    One of the best mastering services around, turns a good track into a GREAT track!

  • Krewella T-shirt Package

    2 Krewella t-shirts (medium size)

  • Sub Focus T-shirt

    Torus EP design (large size)

  • Noisia T-shirt + Stickers

    Represent the legendary Noisia with this t-shirt + stickers

  • Knife Party T-shirt Package

    Mens t-shirt (large) Woman's t-shirt (small)

  • KOAN Sound T-shirt

    One of the brand new design of KOAN Sound t-shirts

  • Direct T-shirt

    Red t-shirt with the iconic Direct logo

  • Trap & Bass T-shirt

    Very cool design (large)

  • Rameses B Merchandise

    Complete Rameses B discography Signed artwork

  • Signed Veela Poster

    Poster of Veela signed by the siren herself!

  • The Every Day Matters Compilation

    The 78 track compilation that started this whole project- includes tracks exclusive tracks from Rameses B, Feint, Droptek, Insan3lik3, Arkasia, Televisor, TwoThirds, Kasbo, SirensCeol and many more!