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Only $1.35 per ticket!
16 precious solid GOLD & SILVER DRAGON COINS
Stunning limited-edition from world-famous Perth Mint commemorating Year of the Dragon 2000

* 2 1st prize: 1kg Silver Dragon Diamond Eyes $2750
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2nd prize: 1/4oz Gold Dragon $800
* 13
3rd prizes: 1/2oz Silver Dragon $70
* each coin comes in original velvet & satin box with Perth Mint Certificate of Authenticity

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Win a highly valuable DRAGON COIN for helping a disabled elderly lady who saved others all her life.
Here's her story.

Hilde Ardie (known to all as Mutti, German for Mama) rescued & raised all kinds of young ones her whole life, starting with 5 younger brothers during World War II. Now it's our turn to save her. By no fault of her own she is facing possible incarceration and seizure of her home & belongings in Indonesia. The raffle helps Mutti (now 84, deaf and with Alzheimer's) stay cared for, in her own home, pay legal costs to suspend action on unfair criminal judgments against her, and prevent further ones.

Who are "we"?
I'm Kingsley Bugarin OAM. Mutti is my mother-in-law as I married her daughter Yanti, but I believe in and deeply love her whole family. They gave so much to so many for so long with little regard for themselves. Like their parents, the daughters base their lives and work in community, charity, and social service. And I, like her daughters, have borrowed money, sold all my belongings, and put my own earnings toward the Ardie family--because they deserve it.

My dragon coins and their family home are our last assets of value. Please help me help them.

The others also fighting for us explain "Dragon Mother." Mutti is not actually Daenerys Targaryen, but she’s every bit as strong and loving. Her children attended Jakarta International School (JIS) which she and her husband Tony helped develop and supported for over 30 years. The JIS mascot is the Dragon, and we are Yanti's school friends--Dragons--who have joined to save Mutti. Mutti frequently provided extracurricular workshops and activities in Indonesian culture at JIS while supporting each one of the many groups, teams, societies and charities her children joined, and in so doing was Mother to us all. 

Mutti's Story
Her husband was Tony Agus Ardie, a founding father of modern Indonesia and prominent businessman.  For the last decade his health declined rapidly after he lost many assets and dissolved the rest to help rebuild the ancient city of Yogyakarta and ensure livelihood of its people after a devastating earthquake and tsunami. Their daughters assumed more of the functions of his one remaining business and took over running it completely upon his passing in 2013.

Throughout this time, the daughters discovered extensive embezzlement among top employees: business tax payments postponed but pocketed instead and credit used in Tony’s name were the most egregious. It was possible to restructure and refinance the company in order to start paying the taxes and preserve the benefits and pensions of the remaining employees.

Unfortunately, it also came to light that taxes on their family home and parents’ income had also been re-directed for almost 20 years, including wealthy years prior to the Yogyakarta reconstruction. Notifications of these debts (perhaps purposefully) were sent to the wrong address, as these matters had also been handled by those former employees. Among the misdirected documents were three court summons for Mutti and a daughter; not knowing of them, they did not appear in court and therefore now have three criminal judgments against them each.

As a result of these events, the family owes millions of dollars in business and tax debt, much of it to the Indonesian government. In many countries, the issues wouldn’t have come this far; business and tax debts are not usually inherited by individuals and even if so, the worst case would be bankruptcies and suspended or at-home sentences for their elderly mother. However, because this is Indonesia, we are fearful for their lives.

There is no legal way to move Mutti and her daughter out of the country; they are Indonesian citizens and directly responsible for Tony’s debts. Due to Mutti's advanced age & Alzheimer's, she’s unlikely to survive emigration, especially under difficult conditions. Just being forced out the home she still knows and loves, due to its inevitable sale or seizure, will significantly accelerate her decline and she may not live to see her 85th birthday this October.

The progression of Mutti’s disease has been remarkably slow because her daughter Yanti* painstakingly planned her therapeutic care and daily living; both daughters invested all their resources towards a full and enriching life for her with home carers ensuring physical, social, and cognitive activities in safe and familiar environments. (*Yanti has foreign citizenship and is not liable for the debts).

Mutti was an amateur cultural anthropologist and ethnographer, a professional photographer, and recognized world expert in Indonesian textiles. Over a 40-year period travelling across the entire Indonesia archipelago she amassed an extensive, diverse, and unreplicable collection of rare textiles. Most of the items are no longer being created; many are handmade unique pieces from remote areas.

We are also raising money by selling her beloved cloths:

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