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Hello, my name is Dean . I am a disabled vet from the first gulf war period. I am hosting this raffle, to raise start-up money to open an Apparel Printing Company. To help fund my goal of staying active in helping the American people. 
With a focus on providing exceptionally good prices to non-profits. The company will seek out non-profit youth sports & other program as a priority! Making sure kids programs get all the help we can give them and then some! 
With the biggest discounts going to youth non-profit programs that are struggling for funds. 

We will also have a division that focuses on Political Apparel such as shirts, hats & other printable clothing. 
No matter what Party you are with, the discounts will be the same and they will be substantial.
 We  here at "Poirier's Patriot Printers" or "P3" believe it is important that all citizens get the chance to make their voice heard by joining the political process if they choose!
As anyone that has tried, as I have, knows, it is expressive to run a successful campaign. 

We may not be able to help with the price of everything, but we can give Hopefuls the industries lowest prices. 
To help them maximize the money they do have. Allowing them to make higher profits on sales to fund-raise and lower prices for team/staff apparel & swag. 
 Any profits made by the company will be used to Help Keep America Great for All the future generation. & Give financial support to the organizations we support as part of our mission. Must be 18 and a US citizen to win.

The Prizes

  • Car

    If the car is chosen as the prize, the winner will have input as to exactly which car they win From a small selection of styles Determined by raffle holder. Ranging from  Sports cars to an SUVs. (for a few examples of styles see the Flyer on the website www.veterans-first-foundation.com to see Prize style examples.)
  • A Motorcycle

    If the Motorcycle is chosen as the prize, the winner will have input as to exactly what style bike is chosen as the prize. (ex. Sport bike, Cruiser (Japanese model) or a Harley Sportster)
     (for a few examples of styles see the Flyer on the Veterans First Foundation website to see Prize style examples.) www.veterans-first-foundation.com
  • Cruise Package for Two

    If the Cruise Package is chosen, the winner will have input to the trip booked and dates! To include the departure location and destination. Restricted to original prize "cost" only. Trip is open to be Personalized for the winner!  (Package includes spending Cash!)
     ( An examples of the Cruise portion of the package is on the Flyer on the Veterans First Foundation website. www.veterans-first-foundation.com )

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