Occasionally, life gives you a particularly large basket of lemons. One must ask themselves, how much lemonade can we make? This is our attempt to turn a sour situation sweet, for as many people as possible!

On June 13th, our friend Jeremy Highhouse (aka Ritzy Sheens) had his entire modular synthesizer rig stolen from his car after a show. His synth was built through the generosity of friends, with many of the modules being purchased for him in work trade. To return the favor, Jeremy could often be found doing visuals with the video section of his synth at events in and around Portland, Oregon. Why someone decided smashing his back window and taking his synth and cable collection was a good idea is a mystery. At this point, it isn't important. We've got lemonade to make!

When you have such a quantity of lemons, the amount of sweetener required to make a drinkable beverage is not something to be underestimated. That's where Audio Damage and BPMC stepped in to help out. Win every eurorack module and plugin Audio Damage makes, every plugin they make, or a handmade video mangling device from BPMC. Check out the prize section for all the juicy details. 
Draw date extension - We took a vote from ticket holders on if we should extend the draw date, and received an overwhelming response of yes. We'll draw live on the internet with a modular synth used as a random number generator on the 16th!

Prize update 1 - Audio software maker, Unfiltered Audio, has donated 20 more prize packs. Check out the prize section to the right for all the detail.

Prize update 2 -  Synthesizer super-store Control Voltage has generously offered a $100 gift card good for anything they sell! That includes modules, keyboards, drum machines, accessories, etc. 

Prize update 3 - Grab 6 sample packs of your choosing from Goldbaby! It's hard to beat Hugo's collection of percussion sample packs. From 808s run through vintage tape machines, to alien robot drums, he's got you covered. 

Prize update 4 - It's about time Ritzy upped his prize game! For those into more cuddly things then synths, you could win a custom woven throw blanket of Ritzy's video synth art. He'll even ask what your favorite color is!

Prize update 5 - Bubblesound has donated 3 of their excellent analog modules! Check the prize section for the details. 

Prize update 6 - Win a maschine expansion pack of your choice from www.fluxwithit.com

This is where you come in! Helping out is easy. Buy a few raffle tickets for a chance to win an awesome prize! We will only sell 1500 tickets, so don't be shy, lest they sell out.

When we draw names, we will draw as many names as we have prizes. The first name drawn will have first pick of the prizes, the second will have second choice, so on and so forth. That way you can choose exactly what you want!

The proceeds of the raffle will go to the Children's Music Foundation, and towards building a synth to replace Jeremy's stolen modular synthesizer. We're hoping that the incredible generosity of the synthesizer community can help make something very wrong, into something very right. 

The donations breakdown - 30% of the funds raised (after fees) will be donated to the CMF. The remainder will go to replacing the stolen equipment which was worth about $11k.


If you have any problems purchasing tickets, or would like alternative payment options, please email me at abletonpdx at g mail

  • $5,280.00

    raised of $15,000.00 goal
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    left until we draw

What You Could Win


    Are you into computer music? How about modular synthesizers? This is an audio freaks dream! Five Audio Damage eurorack modules, and all 26 of their VST/AU audio effect and instrument plugins! This prize pack is worth more then $2600, and will spice up any studio, large or small.

  • Every Audio Damage Plugin

    Audio Damage has been known since their inception for excellent sound quality, and easy to use interfaces. This prize pack will toss you into the deep end of the sonic mayhem pool with 23 effect plugins, and 3 instrument plugins! This prize is worth more then $1100.

  • BPMC Fritz Telegraph Mini handmade analog video mangler

    Considering that half of the modules in Jeremy's stolen synth were video modules, we needed a video prize! If you haven't experienced the wild land of circuit bent video, do yourself a favor and check it out. The Fritz Telegraph Mini is quite easily visuals for your bands next show or video, packed into a small black box. Basically turn a drab old workout VHS (or any other composite video signal) into face melting joy! This prize pack is worth $300.

  • Everything Unfiltered Audio makes

    20 runner ups will receive a copy of everything Unfiltered Audio makes, including 2 unreleased VST/AU plugs. This prize pack includes 3 Reason rack extensions, 1 currently released VST/AU plugins and 2 soon to be released VST/AU plugins. This pack is worth $250.

  • $ 100 gift card to Control Voltage

    Control Voltage offers a wide range of hardware synthesizers accompanied by excellent customer service. Get $100 of whatever suits your fancy! Need to stock up on stackables? How about a new midi controller? They've got you covered!

  • Any 6 sample packs from Goldbaby

    Need more awesome drum samples in your arsenal? Who doesn't! Goldbaby is one of the worlds premier sample houses and offers an excellent assortment of sample packages, with a focus on percussion. This prize is for six sample packs of your choice.

  • Custom made woven throw blanket made from Ritzy Sheens

    Based on your general aesthetic preferences, Ritzy will concoct an original piece of video art and have it woven into a one of a kind cotton throw blanket <--click for a pic. Get cozy and spruce up your domicile with video art!

  • Bubblesound module pack

    Who doesn't need more analog awesomeness in their case?? Bubblesound delivers! Through the use of vintage components, Bubblesounds modules sing like the synths of yesteryear. This prize pack is for 3 of their modules, the VCA4p, the SeM20 and uLFO worth $675.

  • Maschine expansion pack from Fluxwithit

    Get an expansion of your choosing from www.fluxwithit.com!