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Dreamcatcher Quilt, completely handmade by Linda Long, Wackadoodle Quilts
Funds raised go towards a new roof for the Gene Autry Oklahoma Museum. Our flat roof has not been properly maintained for the past 20 years so unfortunately we must replace the entire roof. It was not covered by insurance so we must raise $42.500 in order to assure our artifacts are kept dry! Please help us in anyway you are able! Thanks in advance!

The Museum's mission is to nourish the history and timeless culture of the Cowboy in Entertainment, as exemplified by Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, and others, for the enjoyment and education of all generations. We are sustained strictly through individual/private donations while we rebuild our financials after mismanagement. (Grants require 3 years financials, we now have 1 year of records).

The Prize

  • Dreamcatcher, a quilt by Linda Long

    Buy a chance to win this beautifully amazing HANDMADE Quilt by Linda Long of Brock OK. Quilt is hand pieced, hand quilted, and an original design--truly one of a kind! Quilt is approximately 48"x 70" and includes appliqué piecing, reverse appliqué piecing and traditional piecing. Thank you Wackadoodle Quilts for your generous donation of this quilt for raffling! See Wackadoodle Quilts by Linda Long on Facebook!
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