We Make Your Raffle Dead-Simple. Here's How.

Turn a commitee-sized job into a single-person task

Use Our Easy Tools To Build a Fundraising Page in Minutes.

Optimized to work on any device: iPhones, Android phones, tablets, and any computer!

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Reach Everyone on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Email

(and everywhere else you can think of)

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Entrants Receive Their Numbers via Email

Easily customize and tweak email receipts to your liking

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No More Lost Donor Information

Keep track of your progress on our gorgeous dashboard

Monitor fundraising progress and traffic with ease.

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Keep track of everyone entering your raffle

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Sell Offline, In-Person and at Events, Too

Simply add your entrants into the Raffle Creator and they'll be included like everyone who entered online.

Pick Winners, Automatically or In-Person

Easy automatic picking integration

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Or pick with our custom-generated ticket stubs.

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No Bloated Fees or Markups: Raise More Money

Other sites charge up to 8% of your donations or take a $1 per entrant.

We don't do that! Simply pick a package and start fundraising.

You're fundraising for a reason, so keep more of your money.

You're in Good Company

Since 2013, tens of thousands of users have raised millions with us.

Simplify Your Raffle and Start Fundraising For Free