LGD Crime Camera Fundraiser

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WHAT: The Coliseum Square Association (‘CSA’) is looking to sell 200 raffle tickets at $105 each, ultimately raising enough money to purchase and install 35-40 security cameras throughout the Lower Garden District (‘LGD’).  
WHY: This initiative is in response to the frustration expressed by many LGD residents regarding the consistent crime in the area.  The cameras are to be monitored by Project NOLA, a local, non-profit networked crime camera system.  With this initiative, the CSA hopes to reduce crime in the area, ultimately improving the safety and quality of life in the LGD.  
GRAND PRIZE: The raffle's grand prize is $10,000!  So, by purchasing a ticket for $105, you have a 1/200 chance of turning $105 into $10,000!  
WHEN: Raffle ends September 30th* at 12pm CST.  The lucky winner will then be randomly selected and notified.  The security cameras will be strategically placed throughout the LGD after the raffle ends.
*If tickets sell faster than anticipated, the raffle’s grand prize drawing may be held earlier than noted.  If this situation occurs, ticket holders will be notified via email. 
**If you live in the LGD and would like to apply for a free camera, please contact Ryan (ryan.kropog@gmail.com) or Sophie (sryan48@gmail.com).  Please note camera hosts will be responsible for the $15/mo. Project NOLA monitoring fee. 
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