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Camp Ho Mita Koda, in Newbury, OH is the oldest camp for children with Type 1 Diabetes in the country. For 88 years it has offered summer camp to thousands of children with type one diabetes. It also has served as a medical camp.

In April, the Diabetes Partnership of Cleveland, which ran Camp Ho Mita Koda, announced that they would be closing their doors.  In response to this, a new nonprofit organization, the Camp Ho Mita Koda Foundation,  was established by community leaders, camp alumni, families of campers and others who want to see Camp Ho Mita Koda continue to serve children with diabetes. We will have a single focus, which is to offer a strong, successful camp program for hundreds of kids each year. 

For many children with diabetes, CAMP HO MITA KODA is their second home, and family.

It is a place where the kids can be normal,  learn to care better for themselves, how to give their own insulin shots and pump inserts, and as they grow older learn how to advocate for people with diabetes. Camp is a place where they do not have to constantly carry a backpack of medical supplies and can enjoy a normal childhood with other children battling this chronic and, at times, deadly disease.

Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease.  There is NO CURE!

Every year these children look forward to camp, so let's get the kids to camp. We are hard at work making final arrangements to be able to open Camp Ho Mita Koda this summer but we need your financial support.  Community support will be critical to our success.  Please help us to continue to offer high quality programming; top notch, around the clock medical care; and an amazing summer experience for children with diabetes.


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  • Grand Prize Draw- $500 -$5000

    The grand Prize will be drawn on the last Friday of the month. The minimum Grand Prize is $500, as more tickets are sold, the Grand prize will increase. 
    For example our goal is when the 2000 tickets are sold  the Grand Prize will be $5000 , or 10% of the total collected sold tickets.  If we sell less or more than the 2000 the Grand Prize adjust to 10% of sales, but a minimum of $500.

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