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The HORSES' HONOR ROCK CREEK PACK TRIP RAFFLE prize, VALUED AT $1,400, gives you a chance of a lifetime to experience the "Wild Mustang -- A Living Legacy Trip" in the Inyo National Forest.  After you and a friend arrive in Bishop, situated at the base of the spectacular California's Eastern Sierra, you will then make your way to the legendary ROCK CREEK PACK STATION where your Pack Trip begins. You will meet the expert Packers, enjoy an orientation, then mount up as your four-day adventure into the Inyo National Forest begins. 

THE WINNER MUST BE AVAILABLE FOR THE DATES MAY 19th - 22nd, 2019, please check the
Rock Creek Mustang Schedule.
All riding levels are acceptable.
Please visit the
Look for this sign upon your arrival.

Since 1947, Rock Creek Pack Station has been offering wilderness and outdoor vacations in the Eastern Sierra, under the ownership of the London family. Herb London was active in the operation of the pack station until his death in March of 2011. His son, Craig, has spent every summer since his birth in 1954 at the pack station and operated the pack station with his Dad.
Craig London and his wife Carman with their horses and dogs.
The London Family is dedicated to serving the public, taking care of the land, making sure the horses and mules of the operation have happy and meaningful lives, and that the crew has a good time and is fairly compensated for their hard work and dedication. 
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YOU WILL BE IN GOOD HANDS with Phil and Jamie Hirnshall and the crew of experienced packers who will lead your pack train in search of Wild Mustangs. After a few days of camping near and observing the wild Mustangs, known as the Living Legacy of the Old West, you'll return home with many grand stories and impressions to share with your friends and family.   Here's a little tip. Be sure to brush up on your favorite campfire songs too.
Rock Creek Pack Station Packers have style.
WHEN MOUNTED, YOU WILL TRACK wild horses and relive the Old West in the seldom-visited Pizona area of the Inyo National Forest.  Riders will track the mustangs in their natural pinyon forest habitat, observe, photograph,and enjoy spectacular sunsets and starry night skies.
Expertly readied to form the Pack Train. Do you know how to tie a Diamond Hitch Knot?
A stunning Grulla mare watches the camera.
Wild Mustangs on the range
ALL RAFFLE PROCEEDS go directly to benefit the HORSES' HONOR SENIOR HORSE SANCTUARY in Lincoln, California. HORSES' HONOR ON FACEBOOK and the HORSES' HONOR TACK STORE located at Echo Valley Ranch Feed Store 205 Nevada Street, Auburn, California. Thank you for your participation.
Retirement in the spacious pasture at Horses' Honor.
Established in 1999, Horses' Honor is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting elder horses in a safe and natural environment. These horses would otherwise face likely slaughter or unnecessary euthanasia. Donations and Fundraisers generate income to provide feed and veterinary care for our senior horses. As our first Raffle, we hope it has a bright future. Your contributions are deeply appreciated and we wish you the best of luck. 

RAFFLE TICKET SALES END on NOVEMBER 15th, 2018, the WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED ON NOVEMBER 20th, 2018. The Raffle Prize is valued at $1,400 and is NON-REDEEMABLE for a cash award. The Raffle Prize is TRANSFERABLE to someone of the winner's own choosing. The winner will be contacted by telephone. Five tickets will be drawn in the event someone is unable to make the trip. This prize is ONLY AVAILABLE ON MAY 19th - 22nd, 2019.
  1. TICKETS are available on this website 
  2. TICKETS MAY BE PURCHASED at Echo Valley Ranch Feed Store, 205 Nevada Street, Auburn, California 95603  
  3. TICKETS MAY BE PURCHASED at the 15th ANNUAL HORSES' HONOR TACK SALE, NOVEMBER 3rd & 4th, 2018 at the Gold Country Fairgrounds, Auburn, California.
  4. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE PRESENT TO WIN. We will give you a call when your ticket is drawn on November 20th, 2018.
  5. THE WINNER MUST BE AVAILABLE ON MAY 19th - 22nd, 2019 for the Pack Trip. All riding levels are acceptable.  Prizes also include a 40' ROUND PEN and a Free Ton of Hay.
  6. THE PACK TRIP WINNER MUST ABIDE BY ALL RULES AND GUIDELINES SET FORTH BY THE ROCK CREEK PACK STATION. Please go to their website to inform yourself of their guidelines
  7. IMPORTANT! PLEASE NOTE, TRAVEL EXPENSES and additional lodging to and from Rock Creek Pack Station ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THIS PRIZE
  8. DISCLAIMER OF LIABILTY. Horses' Honor, its Board of Directors and all volunteers are not liable or responsible for any and all of this prize under any circumstances. 
  9. HOW DO I WIN THIS RAFFLE? Purchase tickets early and often.

    ROCK CREEK PACK STATION for his gracious generosity in making this adventure possible, to LAYNE HACKETT for infusing life into this grand plan, GREG KIMLER and CONNIE WATSON of ECHO VALLEY RANCH FEED STORE for their continued support of Horses' Honor and to SHANNON WEIL of SHANNON WEIL GRAPHIC DESIGNER for her creative services. HH

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