Win a 2017 Honda Civic Type R and Support Our Troops! Help Provide a Retreat for Our Military and Their Families

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Presented by Hardin Honda of Anaheim, California - Supporting Our Troops

Just in time for the holidays, you have the opportunity to win a brand new car and SUPPORT OUR TROOPS AT THE SAME TIME!

Hardin Honda of Anaheim, California has generously donated a white 2017 Honda Civic Type R that could be yours by participating in this raffle to benefit our military and their families.  The 2017 Honda Civic Type R is a very limited production by Honda.

Each raffle ticket purchased will be entered to win in the drawing for the car, taking place on Veterans Day, November 11, 2017.  The winner will be announced at Hardin Honda at 4 PM and the car will be ready for the winner to pick up at Hardin Honda of Anaheim, California.

Buy your raffle tickets today!  Your purchase will help support our military and their families.  Proceeds from the raffle will go to For Families of Active Military, and be used to help purchase a permanent  retreat for our military, to help them strengthen bonds with their families and enjoy quality family time after returning from deployment.

Here are the wonderful things For Families of Active Military does for our troops and their families:

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FFAM is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization
FEIN 26-2278014

For Families of Active Military
supports active military and their families stationed in Southern California at Camp Pendleton, Fort Irwin, 29 Palms, and Miramar Air Station.

How We Help Our Armed Forces and Their Families

Re-Entry Lodge
The Re-Entry Lodge in Lake Arrowhead, California has been visited by over 100 military families since opening our pilot program in January 2016.  This retreat has been a great success!  It has benefited our servicemen and women, many just returning from deployment, by providing them and their families with a special place to reintegrate, relax and have some fun - at no expense to them.  CLICK HERE TO READ SOME OF THEIR STORIES

Now our dream is to buy a permanent place that would compliment our active military in a way they deserve.  We envision a place with a yard for the children, a bonus room with a pool table for the winter months, etc.  This raffle will go a long ways to securing our dreams.

​​Adopt-A-Military-Family for Christmas
We shop, wrap and deliver gifts to a select number of families each year.​
Baby Baskets
Ladies knit, crochet and quilt baby blankets, hats and booties for the baby baskets we deliver to the new moms at Fort Irwin, Miramar Air Station and Camp Pendleton. We also have a list for additional items needed for the baskets.

Bereavement Care
When the worst happens, we're there to assist families in giving their loved one​ a memorable and 
meaningful service.
Day of Disney
Before deployment, we treat our soldiers and their family to a day at Disneyland.
Deployment Goodie Bags
We love to send our soldiers off with a special gift bag, complete with home-baked cookies.
Holiday Fixin's
We collect and deliver boxes of food, along with a turkey to our military families stationed at Fort Irwin, Miramar Air Station and Camp Pendleton. List Available. Each box costs approximately $60.
Respite Care
We provide occasional childcare for families with special needs children.

Thanksgiving Dinner for the Troops
We prepare and serve a feast for over 150 of our military families.
We stock and maintain a warehouse of gently used furnishings which we make available to families in need.

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