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Congratulations to Cathal McCarthy! Cathal was born in Ireland, lives near Chicago, is a student pilot who is "very grateful and excited". Cathal's wife is also excited for him so it sounds like he's got good support. Photos to come upon delivery! Thank you all for supporting Ranger Airfield.

Drawing scheduled:

Yesterday we logged the 10th hour on the top overhaul, and after changing the oil, cutting open the filter, compression test, and looking inside the cylinders we are GOOD TO GO on the drawing!
One of you reading this will win an amazing little 150. We hope you appreciate and take advantage of this unique opportunity to continue the line of good caretakers of 55U and give it the love (and money!) it will need to fly on safely for years to come. We also hope you will find a way to give back to aviation with 55U as a "Thank you" to all the entrants not quite as fortunate as you. We're excited to see the people it will carry and the places it will go. 
All of you who entered have helped Ranger Airfield greatly and we cannot wait to restore the 1928 hangar to further the cause. Without YOU volunteer-maintained and donor-funded Ranger Airfield would not be possible. We'll start on the hangar soon.
First, let's pick a WINNER! Watch for the video on Ranger's Facebook page (you don't have to be a user to view the video) at 7:00pm CST today (Saturday, April 24)
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SOLD OUT! - Ranger Airfield Foundation has sold the final ticket for the 2021 Cessna Raffle. RAF thanks you for entering! We want to take this opportunity to reiterate RAF is an all-volunteer organization. No one is paid at RAF; not a director, secretary, or groundskeeper. We work tirelessly to maintain Ranger Airfield, but we could not preserve it without YOU. We want you to know, because of great volunteers and supporters, RAF kept ticket sales expenses under 3%. That means over $.97 of every $1.00 donated went to Ranger Airfield. We then take advantage of sales, extra discounts, and negotiated deals at every turn. We are proud of how far we can take a dollar and that will never change at Ranger.

Now for the fun part. One of you is going to win an AWESOME Cessna! The aircraft is in inspection now (March 16) with several new parts on order. We are aiming to draw the winner the first week of April. We want the aircraft at Ranger for the drawing and will announce the specific date and time here, and email the entrants, when that date is determined.

We thank you for your continued support in making Ranger Antique Airfield a success! We cannot wait to begin the 1928 hangar restoration!


THE PRIZE: 1976 Cessna 150M
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IFR certified
KMA24 audio panel
KX155 with glideslope
KX170B nav/com
Stratus ADS-B transpoder
406 emergency locator
Skytech starter
Vernier mixture
New Concorde battery
Whelen LED position lights 
3 Whelen landing/taxi lights
New magnetos, harnesses, spark plugs
Oil filter adapter
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