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Ranger Airfield Foundation
is raffling a Piper Cub to raise funds for Ranger Airfield. You entering to win enables RAF 'to protect and preserve Ranger Airfield' - a public airfield dating to 1911 that is maintained entirely by volunteers.

The 2024 Prize:
IMG_1327.jpg 1.41 MB
Piper Cub NC70223 
Restored in 2008
'46 model w/metal spars
Sealed struts
Continental A65 - less than 300hrs since major
Slick mags
Disc brakes
Bracket air filter
Inspection current and flying 
RAF is aiming to sell 2500 tickets to draw the winner at Ranger's October Fly-In & Airshow. Ranger has always sold out early, so don't wait and get your tickets below.

If winner is not tailwheel endorsed or a licensed pilot, RAF volunteers are willing to fly the Cub to the winner's local airport anywhere in the lower 48 states!
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Why Ranger Airfield? Dating to 1911, the airfield is a living example of aviation’s past. But it needs your support. When the small town of Ranger, Texas could not afford to preserve the airfield RAF stepped up. You can help keep Ranger flying by entering the raffle. RAF is a 501(c)(3) organization with no paid employees.
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Thank you for keeping Ranger flying. Good luck!

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