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TICKETS HAVE SOLD OUT! Thank you for supporting Ranger Airfield. The physical tickets will arrive soon and we are planning to draw the winner on Memorial Day Weekend. Stay tuned for exact drawing time and RAF will post a video of the drawing online. Again, thank you for helping keep Ranger flying. You've played a pivotal roll. GOOD LUCK!

Ranger Airfield Foundation is raffling a Piper Cub to raise funds for Ranger Airfield
-  a public airfield maintained by volunteers. Proceeds from the raffle enable RAF 'to protect and preserve Ranger Antique Airfield'. RAF leases the airfield and directs/maintains it entirely by volunteers and donations.

THE PRIZE:  1946 Piper J-3 CUB!
DSC_0297.jpg 2.55 MB
NC6790H - SN 20003
Restored in '03
Aluminum spars
Continental A65 - 450 smoh
Slick mags
Sensenich propeller
Bracket air filter
Cleveland brakes
All logsbooks included
If winner is not tailwheel endorsed or a licensed pilot, RAF volunteers are willing to fly the Cub to the winner's local airport anywhere in the lower 48 states!
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Why Ranger Airfield? Dating to 1911, the airfield is a living example of aviation’s past, but it needs your support. The town of Ranger, Texas could not afford to preserve the airfield so RAF stepped up. You can help keep Ranger flying by entering the raffle. RAF is a 501(c)(3) organization with no paid employees.

Terms and Conditions:
No more than 2800 tickets will be sold for the Ranger Airfield Foundation (“the Airfield”) raffle. There is no limit to how many tickets may be purchased by one person. Board members of the Airfield are not eligible to purchase tickets. Presence is not required to win. Ticket sales will end no later than noon CST on Friday, October 4, 2019 or earlier if sold out. Winner agrees to unrestricted use by the Airfield of their name and any photos or video of the winner to promote activities of the Airfield. The individual named on the winning ticket will be responsible for payment of required tax withholdings and completion of required regulatory paperwork before assuming ownership and taking possession of the prize. In the event a winner is unable to take possession of prize under these terms within 90 days of the date of drawing, the winner will automatically forfeit the prize unless other arrangements are agreed to in writing between the winner and the Airfield before expiration of the stated time limit for taking possession. If prize is forfeited, all tickets not drawn in the previous drawing will be entered into a drawing as needed to determine a new winner. Raffle information and announcement of any additional or rescheduled drawing dates will be emailed to entrants and posted online at www.RangerAirfield.org. If you do not receive your ticket confirmation email, call 254-433-1267.

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