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Congratulations to Greg and Jon Snyder who won Ranger's 2022 Piper Cub Raffle. Ranger College President Derrick Worrells drew Greg's name from the tumbler. Greg was thrilled to receive the phone call and his wife teared up when she heard the tickets she purchased for her husband and son won the airplane. Jon relayed the Cub will be a generational aircraft as he's looking forward to teaching his kids to fly in it. The airplane will soon leave for North Carolina and we're looking forward to meeting the Snyder's, and hope they'll make it a point to visit Ranger Airfield one day.

Thank you all for supporting Ranger Airfield and making this raffle possible. We are working hard to preserve the airfield thanks to your support.

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SOLD OUT! - Ranger Airfield Foundation has sold the final ticket for the 2022 Cub Raffle. RAF thanks you for entering! We want to take this opportunity to reiterate RAF is an all-volunteer organization. No one is paid at RAF; not a director, secretary, or groundskeeper. We work tirelessly to maintain Ranger Airfield, but we could not preserve it without YOU. We want you to know, because of great volunteers and supporters, RAF kept ticket sales expenses under 1%. That means over $.99 of every $1.00 donated went to Ranger Airfield. We then take advantage of sales, extra discounts, and negotiated deals at every turn. We are proud of how far we can take a dollar and that will never change at Ranger.

Now for the fun part. One of you is going to win an AWESOME Cub! We are aiming to draw the winner in the next few weeks - hopefully before August 1 - so watch for the drawing video and keep your phone close by.

We thank you for your continued support in making Ranger Antique Airfield a success!


If you need to reach us, visit www.rangerairfield.org or email [email protected]
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