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You've watched us buy, drive, and discuss these cheap sports cars for a year, and now you can win one!

The Cheap Sports Cars in their natural habitat
Both the 2004 BMW Z4 3.0i and the 2006 Mercedes SLK 280 will be given away. We're excited for people in our audience to win these cars and let them be part of new adventures. There is no greater fun-per-dollar option than winning one of these cars.

For only $20 you can have a chance to win one of these cars.*

If we get 400 entrants or more**, both of these cars will find new homes from winners chosen here. The Z4 will be drawn first, and SLK second***. Enter now!

Thank you for supporting our show!

*There is no limit on ticket purchases, and no purchase required to win.  Read the official rules here.

**If we don't reach our minimum entrants of 400, ticket costs will be refunded and both cars will be individually sold by Everyday Driver.

***Winner is responsible for delivery/shipment and any taxes and fees for new registration.

Void where prohibited. Entering or winning this raffle does not restrict entry in future raffles.

The Prizes

  • "ZNOTZED" 2004 BMW Z4 3.01

    This is the car that made Todd a BMW owner, and seduced him with the magic of the Inline-6! The interior may be a bit worn, but the engine howls and top goes down. The paint is only average, the steering is silent, and the power top is now manual... but it has BMW M Motorsports stripes on the grill!

    Be the envy of your friends with a car that looks and drives much better than it's worth - especially if won it here!
  • "STKSHIFT" Mercedes SLK 280

    The car that surprised us at every turn. Once Paul found a manual transmission Mercedes, the search was over and he had to have this one. The interior was dirty, and the tech seemed ancient, but everything worked and the seats put the Z4 to shame. The hydraulic fluid has drained out of the top, so it remains a coupe until that gets refilled... but it's the Miata of Mercedes and the car they'll never make again.

    Surprise everyone with a car that looks like it needs a huge bow when it sits in your driveway. And you can drive it with no concern for the maintenance!