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The  Huntington  Booster  Club  is  a  501c  corporation  and  has  been  established  to  promote  and  encourage  extracurricular  activities, particularly athletic sports, for the students of the Huntington School District. The goals of the Booster Club are to  provide  financial  support  for  annual  awards,  purchase  of  equipment,  summer  sports  programs,  and  refreshments  at  athletic  events  and  sports  awards  nights.  The  primary  focus  of  the  Booster  Club  is  to  financially  enhance  the  district's  physical  education  and  athletic department  budget  in  support  of  all  sports.  This  is  accomplished  through  annual  membership dues and other  fundraising  throughout  the course of  the year. To  fulfill our goals, we also ask  that all families and local  businesses support the athletic programs in the district by becoming a member of the Huntington Booster Club.
Thank you for supporting Huntington Booster Club. 

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    100 tickets will be sold and the winner receives $5,000.00!