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2024 Swift Museum Foundation Raffle

Why is there a museum devoted solely to one type of airplane?  Well, the simple answer is...they are just that dang cool! 

The Swift is a lot of fun whether you are a pilot or a passenger, and they have such an interesting history, how could we not build a museum just for them?! The Swift Museum Foundation is dedicated to preserving that for generations to come...but we need your help! 

     This raffle is held each year to raise money to make sure we can continue to do that for years to come. The museum is proud to present Swift’s from the start in 1946, the modified and fully restored Swifts of today, and even the last Swift ever made when production stopped in 1951.

     Swift owners have enjoyed the ability to restore & modify their planes because The Swift Museum Foundation does such a great job procuring, making & preserving the parts needs to maintain them.

     There is even a Swift hanging in the Smithsonian for national viewing, but only at the Swift Museum in Athens, Tennessee can you stand next to these historic aircraft & gaze into the cockpit, and you can even sit in the one we have set up for our guests to get the full experience!

     The museum takes you for a walk through the history of The Swift, come see for yourself why these planes are so special to so many...

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions/concerns at [email protected] -or- by telephone at (423) 745-9547

Raffle Terms & Conditions: 

1. The Swift Museum Foundation, Inc. (the “Foundation”) will give away a $30,000 Engine Credit with Ly-Con Aircraft Engines of Visalia, CA or a $20,000 Cash Prize (Subject to Grand Prize Winner’s Choice)  Raffle tickets for this fundraising raffle are available for $50.00 (U.S.) donation each.  The Foundation is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization. 
2. No more than 2,500 tickets will be sold.  Tickets will be issued with a discrete number.  The actual ticket number will be emailed to the email address provided by the purchaser.  The Foundation is not responsible for any lost or misdirected email.  If you do not receive your raffle ticket(s) via email within 24 hours of purchase, you should call (423) 745-9547. The Foundation will begin the sale of raffle tickets for this event at Noon on May 24, 20234  Ticket sales will cease when 2,500 tickets have been sold or at 10:00 PM on September 21, 2024, whichever occurs first.  In the event anyone buys a ticket after the 2,500 allocated tickets have been sold, such purchase will be refunded. Except for refunding the purchase, we are not responsible if your purchase cannot be processed because we have already sold 2,500 tickets or if your payment arrives after 2,500 tickets have been sold or your payment arrives after the deadline for purchase. 
3. Purchasers must be 18 years of age or older to enter. 
4. The winners will be announced on or about September 21, 2024 subject to the progress of ticket sales as outlined in Line Item #2 above. The Foundation will give each prize to the holder of a raffle ticket selected randomly.  The winning tickets will be drawn from all sold tickets.  The winning ticket holder does not need to be present to win; however, confirmation of the winner’s identification will be required to claim the prize.
5. Tickets can only be purchased online at swiftraffle.com within the United States where permitted by law.  It is each purchaser’s responsibility to ensure it is legal in the purchaser’s state to participate in this raffle, and individual purchasers represent to the Foundation it is legal to accept the ticket via email. This raffle is being conducted and governed pursuant to Tennessee laws. All tickets are considered sold in Tennessee when purchased. By purchasing a ticket, each participant agrees to be bound by and adhere to the Terms and Conditions contained herein. A ticket is “sold” for purposes of calculating the number of tickets sold when the Foundation receives full payment for that ticket. 
6. The prize can be transferred to anyone located in the United States of America, at the election of the winner. 
7. The Grand Prize is expressly conditioned upon the holder of the winning ticket executing an acceptance agreement with the Foundation, and this raffle is subject to the terms of such legal document. The winner is solely responsible for all taxes (Federal, State and Local if any) appropriate reporting forms to the winner, IRS and Tennessee will be provided. IRS Form W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification and IRS Form 5754, if applicable. The winner will receive an IRS Form W-2G from the Foundation for the calendar year the prize is awarded for the total value of the prize as identified in these Terms and Conditions. If the winner chooses to forfeit their prize, they must do so prior to taking possession. 
8. Prizes (Prizes will be drawn in the order listed below) 
a. The GRAND PRIZE is a $30,000 Credit with Ly-Con Aircraft Engines for a New or Re-Built aircraft engine (winner’s choice) A Grand Prize cash option of $20,000 is offered in lieu of the Credit with Ly-Con Aircraft Engines. 
b. 2nd Prize - Garmin Aera 660 (Value $849)
c. 3rd Prize – Stratus 3  (Value $749)
d. 4th Prize -  Apple iPad Mini (Value $499)
e. 5th Prize  - BrightLine Flight Bag B4 (Value $234)
 9. Winners will be notified by phone, email, and/ or mail. Winners will also be posted on our website at swiftmuseumfoundation.org for viewing by all raffle participants. A winner will be disqualified if they cannot be reached after reasonable effort, are determined to be ineligible, or cannot/do not comply with these Terms and Conditions. The Foundation will have made reasonable effort to reach a winner if it has made at least two (2) documented attempts to contact the winner via phone or by the email address provided at the time of ticket purchase. Should the winner be disqualified or decline to accept their prize, another ticket will be selected randomly until a winning ticket holder accepts and takes possession of the respective prize. 
 10. The Foundation reserves the right to use the winner’s name and likeness in publicity and marketing materials, including but not limited to, media releases, the Swift Museum Foundation’s website, brochures and other promotions. 
 11. These official raffle terms and conditions are subject to the interpretation of the Foundation.  The raffle is not valid outside of the USA and otherwise VOID WHERE PROHIBITED.  This raffle is open to the general public; however, Employees and Board Members of the Swift Museum Foundation, Inc., their spouse and legal dependents are prohibited from purchasing tickets and are not eligible to win any prize.  This includes individuals for whom an Employee or Board Member is the current legal guardian or individuals who they are not legally related to but who reside within an Employee or Board Member (step relationships are also included) household. A raffle entrant’s sole and exclusive remedy for any claim against the Foundation arising out of ticket sales or the conduct of the raffle shall be limited to the return of the purchase price of their ticket. 
 12. By entering this raffle, each entrant releases the Foundation, its directors and officers from any and all liability for injuries, losses or damages of any kind (including, without limitation, attorney’s fees) resulting from or cause by participating in the raffle or by winning any prize or resulting from acceptance, possession, use or misuse of any prize, and each winner agrees to indemnify and hold the Foundation harmless from any and all losses, damages, rights, claims, and actions of any kind resulting or arising from, in connection with participating in the raffle or the winner’s acceptance or use of any prize. In no event shall the Foundation, its directors and officers be liable for any losses or damages of any kind, including death or injury relating to or from participation in the raffle or the use of any prize even if such losses or damages results from or is caused or contributed to by the fault or negligence of the Foundation, its officers and directors. 
 Revised 05-24-2024
For any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at [email protected] or by telephone (423) 745-9547

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