Mineral Point Firefighter Painting Raffle

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On January 6, 2022, the Mineral Point Volunteer Fire Department lost two of their brave volunteers in a tragic accident while on duty.

Being the son and grandson of former firefighters makes this loss more personal. As an artist, when faced with tragic situations, I deal with the emotions of the event by going to my studio and painting. While in my studio today, I couldn't help but think of the families who lost a loved one in this tragic accident. One of the ways I felt like I could make a difference was to raffle the painting I created today to help with expenses the families will be facing. 

I hope you will join me in helping to show the families how much we appreciate their sacrifice and how much we care about their loss and their future.  All funds raised from this raffle will be split equally between the two families.  

Thank you to Bruce Tunis, Teresa Faris, Arlene Byrne (Tom Kelly), Daniel Grunst, and Evan Lewis, Joy Gieseke, Keith Huie, Valley View Farms, Mo and Maggie Grimm (Bruce Howdle Piece), Marci Lanois and Michael J. Smith for donating art to the auction. There are also more artists who have committed to donate artwork for the raffle. I will update the page as fast as possible. When it comes time to pick winners, we will go in order of the items. The first name drawn will get item number 1, the second name drawn will get item number 2 and on down the list. Thank you everyone for buying tickets and donating art. 

Shipping costs for out of state winners will be provided by Jack McWilliams and his two UPS stores in Madison and Middleton (6907 University Ave, Middleton and 2858 University Ave, Madison)

The Prizes

  • Community - Ben Brummerhop

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    20" x 24" painting - acrylic on canvas.
  • The Summitt - Bruce Tunis

    Bruce Tunis brought this amazing original painting to offer as a prize to help with fundraising. This is a 24"x30" acrylic and mixed media piece that is 3-D. 
    e to help with fundraising. This is a 24"x30" acrylic and mixed media piece that is 3-D. 
  • Komsekule Charm Necklace - Teresa Faris

    A beautiful handmade sterling Komsekule Charm on a sterling necklace from Madison based metalsmith Teresa Faris.
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  • Italy - Tom Kelly

    A rare large painting by late Mineral Point artist Tom Kelly. This painting is 22"x28".
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  • Father Christmas - Daniel Grunst

    A beautiful wood carving by Cedarburg artist Daniel Grunst.
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