Boys Town Jerusalem Raffle 2023

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17-year-old Asher carries a world of troubles on his thin shoulders. His turbulent homelife is even worse now that both parents are ill and unable to work. His younger brother is just eleven. 
After school, Asher works through the nights to single handedly pay the rent, buy food, and try to get his family through another day.

To ease Asher’s burden, Boys Town Jerusalem has provided him a full scholarship, plus intensive
tutoring for his crucial bagrut matriculation exams. You can help Asher today with your support.
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The Prize

  • $10,000

     BUY 4 . . . GET 1 FREE!!

    Why would anyone want to buy a $100 raffle ticket? Because it’s a ONE IN 400 CHANCE to win $10,000! Wouldn’t you like to have TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS which you did not expect? Here’s how: Only the first 400 respondents will be eligible. Your chances are not one in a thousand, but ONE IN 400, TO WIN $10,000!!! 

    Simple math will tell you that Boys Town Jerusalem will realize $30,000, which will be earmarked for scholarships. Since some 95% of our students receive scholarship assistance at some level, your assistance truly makes a difference in the lives of the youngsters by replacing despair with hope and opportunity.


    Previous Winners: 

    Mr. Charles L., Skokie, IL Mr. Marvin B., Long Beach, NY 
    Mr. Aki F., Portland, OR Mr. Paul K., Granda Hills, CA 
    Mrs. Thelma C., Las Vegas, CA Dr. and Mrs. Lewis L., Bethesda, MD 
    Mr. Ari S., Lakewood, NJ Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence N., Wayne, NJ 
    Mr. Philip B., Bethesda, MD Mr. John C., Encinitas, CA 
    Mr. and Mrs. Douglas W., Sonora, CA Mrs. Eleanor L., Stanford, CT 
    Mr. Jay F., Brooklyn, NY Mr. and Mrs. Herman S., Hollywood, FL 
    Mr. Jack O., Palm Desert, CA Mr. and Mrs. Donald S., Boca Raton, FL 
    Mr. Myer K., Dale City, VA Mr. Jack B., Van Nuys, CA
    Mrs. Harriet H. of Key Biscayne, FL
    Mr. John F. of Toronto, ON
    Mr. Neil G. of New York, NY
    Ms. Sara M. of Hoboken, NJ

    The raffle is only open to legal residents of the United States. 

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