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Well hello and thank you for taking time out of your busy day to learn a little bit about a young local mother of three from Tempe, her name is Britney  she has recently learned that she has advanced staged colon cancer. Now there are a lot of people with colon cancer even a lot of woman colon cancer is a very real thing it claims the lives of many people what makes this situation so bad is that if detected colon cancer can be managed  but the only way to detect it is with a very common test that most insurance won’t cover until age 45 or 50 unless you have a family history of cancer which is exactly what has happened to Britney however she was unaware and now after several failed rounds of chemo the insurance has offered hospice as an only option they will not cover immuno therapy which has proven many times to reverse late stage tumors and cancer in general  Britney needs to make 27000 dollars that’s  not a lot of money and it doesn’t seem like  a good reason to let this mother of three die so please purchase a ticket to  this local raffle its less than ten dollars and you stand to win prizes ranging from 250 dollars to 5000 dollars while doing something amazing 

All prizes are donated by local business in Arizona and are very flexible if you win you will have 7 months to use the prizes you can also combine the certificates in many different ways to work it best for you these businesses are willing to do what it takes to make this inviting now please I am asking you because she is too proud to do it herself buy just one ticket and share this link with 2 people this could all be just bad memories for Britney in months from now

 New prizes are being added daily as more and more great people in Arizona step up to make this happen so don’t miss out, and if you happen to be one of those great Arizona people that want to donate something a service, or a product we would be honored to have you join the list of donors so please contact me at the information below and I will work with you to get it handled 

  • While im sure some of you are reluctant about the legitimacy of this raffle but i promise you this its 100% legit my name is Shawn Haviland i am co owner of Elite Investment Solutions llc  as well as a member of RENATUS me and my wife have been in business for over 20 years here in az and we have been friends of Britney for just about that long too, these prizes are supplied by my company as well as a few others prizes are valued from $250.00 to $5000.00 they come from a company with a history of doing work in Arizona for people as well as companies big and small, below you will see a list of just a few if you have questions regarding any thing you can contact me at eisllc2018@gmail.com

  • Fusion design and development ,Third street reality, Laveen Elementary,  Megellen, Southwest Behavioral, First choice home group  Lfh1 llc, St Vincent DE Paul, Angrest llc
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This is a before and a current picture of Britney and he children as you can see she is in real bad shape please help thank you

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The Prizes

  • house hold repair or maintenance gifts valued at $250

    this prize entitles you to a full range of home or office repairs or handy man services provided by a local contractor  all work will be performed by licensed contractors in their respected field this prize can be used towards a larger repair or broken up on smaller repairs 

    This prize covers the labor portion  to repaint any home under 4000square feet exterior only and paint and will  need to be supplied by owner  and the value of this job can be applied to larger jobs or will cover the entire labor portion of the exterior repaint this prize is valued at 4500 dollars other details apply further information can be obtained by contacting elite investment solutions llc at  eisllc2018@gmail.com

    This like the other prizes can be used by its self or combined and used towards other work on any property in Arizona this work is valued at 500.00 dollars based on a flat rate of fair market prices by an experienced contractor  all work will Cary a service warranty for a period of one year from time of completion full details are available by contacting eisllc2018@gmail.com

    This like the other prizes can be used by its self or combined and used towards other work on any property in Arizona this work is valued at 1000.00 dollars based on a flat rate of fair market prices by an experienced contractor  all work will Cary a service warranty for a period of one year from time of completion full details are available by contacting eisllc2018@gmail.com

    These are prized  from one of the best local vape stores in town in my opinion (HAUS OF VAPORS) locally owned and operated there are starter kits as well as more advanced mods and tanks from SMOKE and a few others you will just have to enter and win so you can find out.
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