2020 Yukon Moose Hunt

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TrophyProfile is partnering with Pope & Young Club and Yukon Stone Outfitters on a campaign to get new and existing Members to build their profiles, document their trophies, connect with other members online and give us constructive feedback. If you wish to participate and have a great chance of winning a 2020 Yukon Moose Hunt worth $25,000, and help fund a great conservation effort, here is what we are asking:

TrophyProfile Needs:
(For New Members)
  1. Register your interest in becoming a Member of TrophyProfile by clicking HERE and filling in the fields below.
  2. Complete your personal profile and fully document at least five of your hunting trophies to a level of 80% complete or more on or before the hunt drawing date of August 20 (use of desktop computer highly recommended until we launch our mobile site).
(For Existing Members)
  1. Complete your personal profile if you haven’t already.
  2. Do at least one of the following:
  3. Document at least 5 more trophies than you had on March 20 to a level of 80% complete or more on or before the hunt drawing date of August 20; OR
  4. Connect with 7 members more than you had on March 20; OR
  5. Send an invitation for someone to join TrophyProfile, who becomes a new member and completes their profile and documents at least 5 trophies to a level of 80% or more on or before the drawing date of August 20.
Pope & Young Club Needs:
  1. Be a current member or become a member of Pope & Young Club. Membership information can be found by clicking here
  2. Purchase $50 raffle tickets (limit of 3)
    by filling out the form below on or before the drawing date or phone 507-867-4144.
Help Options
For folks from the flip-phone generation who are "technologically handicapped" you can try one or more of the following:
  1. Ask your spouse, child, or friend to help
  2. As a last resort, email the TrophyProfile "helpline" at aaron.florian@trophyprofile.com
Terms & Conditions and Other Info:
  1. Must be a current or new member of Pope & Young Club and meet TrophyProfile membership and content criteria.
  2. Raffle tickets may be purchased for $50 each (limit of 3); new 3 year and renewal 3-year memberships of Pope & Young who also meet TrophyProfile requirements will receive one raffle ticket as part of their membership fee.
  3. Yukon Moose Hunt drawing date is August 20.
  4. Hunt will be hosted by Yukon Stone Outfitters for 10 days between Sept 9 – Oct 6, 2020 and includes hunt cost, moose trophy fee, air charter, licenses/tags, sales tax. Alternate dates not available unless agreed by Yukon Stone.
  5. Hunt is a 100% donation to Pope & Young and funds raised will be contributed to the Conservation, Education and Outreach Program.

The Prize