Sopranos Special Edition SIGNED Harley’s Davidson Motorcycle - ONLY 500 tickets available

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This is for a Sopranos Special Edition Harley Davidson signed by the cast of the hit TV show, The Sopranos.  This is for a 1994 Heritage Softail Harley Davidson motorcycle FLSTN motorcycle.  This was bought at an auction from Federico Castelluccio, Furio of the Sopranos.  This winner be chosen at Skyline at Waterplace NYE One Providence Bash ... on December 31, 2019 at the Meadowlands.   The profits from the tickets will go directly to the Gary Balletto foundation,

About the Foundation:

Life in the ring was hard. But, it was bearable because of the love you get from your family and the team in corner. In 2013, while playing with my son in the yard, I suffered a spinal chord injury and fractured six vertebrae in my neck. After undergoing hours in surgery, I was told I wouldn’t be able to walk again. Living with spinal chord injury is hard enough. Nobody should have to do it alone. In a way, I was lucky. I already had a tremendous team and network in place at the time of my injury. But, a lot of people don’t have that type of support and I saw that first hand as i sought treatment and care for my self.

I started The Gary “Tiger” Balletto Foundation with one mission in mind: Providing assistance and resources to people suffering from spinal chord injury. I had no idea how few rehab facilities existed until I needed to utilize those facilities myself. Facilities are not just scarce in number. They are expensive and very few people suffering from spinal chord injury have the resources and means to access the care they need. That is why the Foundation has partnered with the YMCA of Cranston to establish the first such facility in Rhode Island so people living with spinal chord injury can undergo their rehabilitation efforts around other people that all share the same goal, standing up from their chair and walking again. The Foundation and the YMCA of Cranston will provide a top-tier facility to house our state-of-the-art equipment and dedicated staff, all for the price of a simple YMCA membership.

Providing this type of care is both challenging and expensive. We are seeking the help of the community to assist with our fundraising effort. I want to use my story to inspire the people that have similar injuries, and educate people that want to help but don’t know how. I am asking for the support of corporate sponsors, the local business community, the non-profit sector, and everyday citizens to help me create this place where people can fight spinal chord injury together.

Keep fighting,

Gary “Tiger” Balletto
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