2021 Flight Club 502 Piper Super Cruiser Raffle

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Flight Club 502 is a non-profit 501 (c) 3, based at Bowman Field in Louisville, KY.  The Club is dedicated to teaching young students about leadership and success through realistic goal setting in an aviation environment.  The Club was established in 2015 by a small group of high school students who wanted to inspire other to become successful in life while incorporating aviation and STEM subjects as a springboard for success.  Flight Club 502 is owned and operated by the youth members with professional adult supervision.  The club members have previously raised funds and purchased a Cessna 150 which allows them to learn to fly at a low cost.

The "Four Fundamentals" of Flight Club 502 are designed to guide and support each student's development, learning and growth:
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) and Next Generation Learning Challenges (NGLC) - The Club will incorporate both STEM and NGLC in ground training and flight training as well as after school programs and flight camps.
  • Entrepreneurship:  Club members learn entrepreneurship though planning and conducting after school programs and summer camps.  Club members are responsible for creating programs, producing budgets, marketing the courses and crafting the lesson plans.
  • Leadership and Decision-Making:  The Club uses aviation lessons to teach practical living skills.  The Club uses flight planning to teach life skills while emergency procedures in the cockpit teach Club members good decision making when faced with life's issues, such as the use of drugs.  The Club teaches situational awareness in the airplane and how it translates to daily life.
  • Patriotism:  Club members learn to be grateful for our freedom and to be respectful of others and tolerant of their differences.
In 2017, led by a senior UPS aircraft maintenance technician and with the help of the local EAA Chapter, the Club began building a Vans RV-12 Experimental airplane.  The airplane was completed in December 2020.  This project provided an outstanding STEM leaning experience for the Club members involved and promoted workforce development.

Recently, the Club has been the recipient  of a donation of a Piper Super Cruiser.  The Club has decided to raffle this plane to raise funds to continue our youth outreach.  To date, 103 Club members have soloed, 42 have earned Private Pilot Licenses, 7 have earned Instrument Ratings and 4 have earned Commercial Pilot Licenses.


The raffle drawing will take place on September 15, 2021 at 6:30 PM EDT at Flight Club 502, 2911 Taylorsville Road, Louisville, KY 40205

Kentucky Charitable Gaming License: ORG0002673

The Raffle Rules may be found on the Flight Club 502 website: www.flightclub502.org.

The Prizes

  • 1946 Piper Super Cruiser

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    This is a classic 1946 Piper Super Cruiser (PA-12) with less than 3,000 hours total time on the airframe.  The 100 HP Lycoming O235C engine has 670 hours SMOH.  It has a fresh Annual.  This 3 place airplane is great for back country flying or heading out for the $100 hamburger.  It has a single seat in the front and a bench seat in the back of the wide cabin.  It is soloed from the front seat.  It has a 38 gallon fuel capacity and has always been in a hangar.  It has a starter and a basic panel with COMM radio and GPS.
  • $15,000 CASH

    If you win this raffle, you may choose either the Piper Super Cruiser or $15,000 CASH.

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