Central Honors Philando 2020!

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Thank you for participating in this year's virtual raffle! PLEASE READ ALL RAFFLE RULES below, and be sure to click "See All Prizes" to view all 28 prizes available!
We hope you enjoy looking through these fantastic finds as a way to donate to Central Honors Philando.  Whether you are splurging on yourself, your family, friends or coworkers, know that your purchase will be going towards an amazing cause - supporting future role models and adding to a legacy of change in honor of Philando Castile.
Must be 18 to purchase ticket(s) or win a prize. Must be 21 to enter ticket(s) for any prizes containing alcohol. ID to be presented prior to any prize being released to winner.
If you purchase a single ticket, you are required to identify which (1) prize you hope to win with that ticket. Please list prize by prize number, not prize name. IF YOU PURCHASE 5 OR MORE TICKETS, LIST FIVE (5) PRIZES you hope to win with those tickets. All 5 tickets will be entered to win all 5 prizes you list. List prizes from most desired to least desired. If you do not list 5 prizes in your order, we reserve the right to use a random number generator to choose 5 prizes on your behalf. You are welcome to purchase multiple ticket packages as separate transactions to increase your odds of winning.

Raffle ticket sales will close at 10pm CST on August 30th, 2020. Raffle tickets will then be automatically drawn one at a time by software. Each ticket will be reviewed in the order in which they are drawn. If any prizes associated with that ticket are still available, the highest ranked available prize will be won. If no prizes associated with that ticket are still available, that ticket is not a winner. Tickets will be drawn one at a time until all baskets have been won.
Winners will be announced on September 1st, and will be contacted by email. Winners can arrange to pick up their basket in St. Paul on any weekday between September 2nd and September 11th between 10:00am and 4:00pm. Some prizes can be transferred electronically free of charge. Some prizes may be shipped at Winner’s expense. Any prizes not picked up by September 11th will be forfeited by Winner.
All net proceeds raised from this raffle go directly to support Central Honors Philando. All ticket sales are final. Thank you for supporting Central Honors Philando! 

The Prizes

  • #1 Relax and Snuggle Basket

    20200822_114516.jpg 3.08 MB
    This basket includes: 
    Remix Delights Gift Card ($30)
    2 Scoops Ice Cream Shop Gift Card 
    Revival Restaurant Gift Certificate ($50)
    The Louisiana Cafe Gift Certificate ($25)
    Assorted Land O' Lakes Hot chocolate
    Bigelow Tea Benefits Wellness Teabag Variety Pack
    Amish Country Popcorn | 5 - 4 oz Bags | Popcorn Kernel Variety Pack 
    Compassion Blanket - Super Soft Warm & Plush, Gift Blanket Plush Love and Comfort 

  • #2 Romantic Evening Basket

    20200822_120203.jpg 3.17 MB
    This basket includes: 
    Magic Noodle Restaurant Gift Card ($30)
    Corazon Gift Card ($25)
    Leitner's gift card ($20)
    China inspired Bowls and Wooden Chop Sticks
    Black Cotton Napkins
    Red and Brown Place settings
    White Vase with decorative flowers
    Sherpa Fleece Blanket Twin Size Plush Throw Blanket Fuzzy Soft Blanket
    Dawhud Direct Natural Candlescape Set, 3 Decorative Candle Holders, Rocks and Tray

  • #3 Fun with friends Basket

    20200822_120418.jpg 3.15 MB
    This basket includes: 
    Two (2) bottles of White Wine – Ricotte 2019 LaVielle from Selby Wine and Spirits)
    Two (2) bottles of Red Wine — Ricotte 2019 LaVielle from Selby Wine and Spirits)
    Zonegrace 4 pack Rose Gold 12 oz Stainless Steel Stemless Wine Glass/Mug, Double Wall Vacuum Insulated thermal Wine Tumbler with Lids Set of 4 including 4 Straws
    Dirty Minds Game - The World’s cleanest dirty game
    Pick Your Poison Card Game: The “What Would You Rather Do?” Party Game - NSFW Edition
    Birra Taco Platter from Dishes by Ka'Ris
    Muddy Paws Gift Card
  • #4 Weekend Plans Basket

    This basket includes:
    NFL Football signed by MN Vikings tight end Kyle Rudolph
    One (1) Bottle Basil Hayden, 3.75ml bourbon whiskey from Selby Wine and Spirits
    Set of Two (2) Vaci Crystal Whiskey/Bourbon Glasses and Luxury Gift Box
    Fish Yourself (game) - A wickedly fun, grown-up version of Go Fish for people who like a challenge
    Fairly Odd Novelties Table Golf Shot Glass Drinking Game
    Assorted Colorful Dice in White, Red, Green (18 Pack)
    Menards Gift Card ($25)
    Ax Man Gift Card ($25)
    Adjustable Computer Keyboard and Mouse Platform
    20200822_121038.jpg 1.36 MB
  • #5 Sunrise to Sunset

    Steak house and 2 scoops.jpg 3.11 MB
    This basket includes:
    Best Steak House-Business card donation of Two (2 ) T-bone steak dinners Business card is needed to redeem dinners
    2Scoops-Ice cream gift card 
    Amish Country Popcorn | 5 - 4 oz Bags | Popcorn Kernel Variety Pack 
    Chamomile Tea - Tea Gift Set for Tea Lovers
    One (1) Gift Certificate for The Louisiana Cafe ($25)