Pirate's Cove Tournament Raffle 2020

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31 years ago the Pirate’s Cove Billfish Tournaments set out to support their first charity by creating the Alice Kelly Memorial Ladies Only Billfish Tournament. Since that time these fishing tournaments have supported countless families in Dare County and have expanded their giving to include foundations, networks and programs that provide education, medical care and even clothing to our neighbors in need. 2019 set a precedent with our first ever charity raffle. The success of that fundraiser prompted a whole new line up of prizes for 2020!.

In an effort to increase our charitable giving and the fun in 2020 and to combat the effects of the pandemic (no bars, no gatherings, no hugging!), the PCBT Board of Directors has secured some great prizes and have extended the draw date until all tickets are sold. One ticket will get you in "Across the Board" and set you up for a draw on each of our items this fall.

Ticket sales are limited to only 200!
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The Prizes

  • Item 1: Steve Goione Original "It Could Be You"

    It Could Be You
    The 2020 Steve T. Goione Original painted just for PCBT. Steve will remove this battlewagon and add a rendering of the boat of your choice - one dot at a time! Imagine this beauty hanging in your office - a fully custom, one-of-a-kind It Could Only Be Yours!
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  • Item 2: Living the Dream at Los Suenos

    2 Days Living the Dream
    Fish aboard the 52' Ricky Scarborough "Miss AC" with Capt Rob Mahoney and crew from Los Suenos, Costa Rica. Then enjoy four nights in a beautiful condo in one of the finest marina resorts in the world! I love it!!!
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  • Item 3: 1 Carat Baileys Diamond Earrings

    3/4 inch Inside Out Diamond Hoops.
    Direct from Bailey's Fine Jewelry these lovely babies are sporting 1 carat of sparkles! The perfect gift for you or your gal!
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  • Item 4: Airmar Technology Gift Certificate

    A Vision Below
    Mark all the fish with a new transducer from Airmar - the best of the best from the best of the best. Our friends at Airmar have offered a gift certificate good for $2500 worth of their world famous technology! Woot woot!
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