Ponderosa Fire Brigade 2nd Annual Gun Fundraiser

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The annual gun raffle is to support the Ponderosa Fire Brigade. It helps purchase needed safety equipment along with the costs to operate the brigade. The Ponderosa Fire Brigade is a non-profit, and can be found on the IRS website.
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This rifle was donated by: Scott & Tara James

***** Donation Only For Raffle Ticket*** ***Due to covid19 raffle tickets are virtual ***
****Disclaimer, Winner must not be prohibited by law to posses****
****You are entitled to a free raffle ticket even without a donation. We will mail you one on request***
**** You don't have to pay anything for a chance to win***
Ponderosa Fire Brigade
57983 Fox Drive
Springville, Ca 93265
Tax Id# 85-2772884
Public Charity Status: 
(100 Percent of donations go directly to Ponderosa Fire Brigade)

The Prize

  • Ruger Mini 14 (.223 cal )

    Ruger Mini 14 Chambered in .223