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The Ernie Hall Aviation Museum is a 501c3 organization located in Warren, Ohio. The proceeds of this raffle will be used to preserve local aviation history through Museum operation. Proceeds will also provide aviation scholarships, education and training for our youth.

1.  You must be 18 years of age or older to enter.
2.  Void where prohibited by law. NOT VALID OUTSIDE THE USA. This raffle is not valid in any capacity if it is illegal where you live. It is your responsibility to verify that it is legal prior to purchasing a ticket.
3.  No more than 4500 tickets will be sold. The drawing will be held August 17, 2022, at 7PM EDT. Location of drawing will be the Ernie Hall Aviation Museum in Warren, Ohio. If fewer than 3700 tickets have been sold by August 7, 2022, the Ernie Hall Museum Directors reserve the right in its absolute discretion to extend the ticket sales deadline until such time a minimum of 3700 tickets are sold.
4.  Each ticket will have a discrete number assigned by the raffle program. The number will be emailed to the email address provided by the purchaser. The Ernie Hall Aviation Museum is not responsible for lost or misdirected mail. If you do not receive your ticket number via email within 24 hours, first check your junk mail folder. If not there, email Tom.   [email protected]
5.  The Museum will give the airplane to the holder of the raffle ticket drawn randomly. That ticket will be drawn from all sold tickets. Winner need not be present. Confirmation of the winner's identification will be required to claim the prize.
 6.  Aircraft will have current annual inspection August 2022. Should the aircraft described in this raffle be damaged, destroyed or develop mechanical problems and be in a condition, in the discretion of the Museum Directors, not feasible to repair, the Museum will give away a reasonably equivalent airplane.
7.  The prize is expressly conditioned upon the holder of the winning ticket executing an acceptance agreement and liability waiver with the Museum, and this raffle is subject to the terms of such legal document.
8.  The prize is expressly conditioned on compliance with all applicable laws, including payment by the winner of Federal Income Tax based on the value of the airplane. The value of the airplane is $60,000.00. There is no cash option. All additional tax consequences of the airplane are the sole responsibility of the winner.
9.  Should the winner decline to accept the airplane, or if the winner cannot be located through contact information provided, another ticket will be selected randomly until a winning ticket holder takes possession of the aircraft.
10. The airplane will be transferred to the winner at Griffin - Sloas Airfield (80OH), located in Howland Township, Warren, Ohio following winners' acceptance. The airplane is to be picked up within 60 days of the drawing. Upon delivery of the prize, responsibility for any risk of loss associated with the airplane, as well as any insurance, is the sole responsibility of the winner.
11. These official raffle terms and conditions are subject to the interpretation of the Ernie Hall Aviation Museum Board of Directors. THIS RAFFLE IS NOT VALID OUTSIDE THE USA AND OTHERWISE VOID WHERE PROHIBITED. The raffle is open to the general public. However, Board Members of the Ernie Hall Aviation Museum and their immediate families are excluded from participation.
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