Raue Center's Queen of HeARTS

· Entries close Sep 14, 2021 at 6:00PM ·

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Proceeds from the Raue Center Queen of HeARTS Raffle will support Raue Center for the Arts and its amazing educational programs, Mission Imagination and Sage Studio.  Drawings will be held weekly, and if the Queen of Hearts is not revealed, the jackpot rolls over into the next week!  The winning entry that reveals the Queen of Hearts will take home 50% of the total funds raised through ticket sales. 
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Those who wish to purchase tickets for the Raue Center Queen of HeARTS raffle must be Illinois residents 18 years or older and either be current members of the RaueNOW Membership Program, OR have purchased tickets to an upcoming event at Raue Center (or a Raue Center produced off-site event).  ATTENTION: IF YOU USE THE AUTOFILL FEATURE WHEN ENTERING YOUR INFORMATION IT WILL AUTOMATICALLY POPULATE THE QUESTION ABOUT WHICH CARD ENVELOPE YOU WANT WITH YOUR PHONE NUMBER.  PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT TO DOUBLE CHECK THIS QUESTION BEFORE FINALIZING YOUR TICKET PURCHASE.

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    The Board above shows the card envelopes still available.  Every week the Queen of Hearts isn't found the jackpot rolls over.  The longer it runs the bigger the pot!  Find the Queen of Hearts and you win HALF THE POT!  PLEASE KEEP NOTE OF THE CARD ENVELOPE YOU CHOOSE WHEN PURCHASING YOUR TICKETS BELOW.