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In the late 1920's and throughout the 30's, most people didn't know what an airplane was, much less about aviation in general. Early pilots, using WWI surplus Jennies and others, flew from town to town, selling rides and inspiring a nation to build a new industry that would, less than 30 years later, transport a man into space, and later to the moon and back.
The Texas Barnstorming Museums mission is similar... inspiring youngsters of today to pursue career fields in Aviation and Engineering. Like those Barnstorming Aviators of the past, we utilize antique airplanes to teach the kids to fly while still in High School. Each selected kid starts with a basic ground school, and 3 lessons in our Piper cub. If they (and we) elect to continue, we continue to train here on to more advanced licenses, and once they complete High School and on into College, we continue to support them through scholarships.
Does it work?  Sure does!! As of now, we are helping 5 local kids in various Aviation Colleges through our fund raising activities, in addition to the High Schoolers that are flying here.  Not too shabby in a town of 2600. These raffle proceeds will go towards those, and future training efforts. We are a 501(c)3, with no paid employees staffed entirely by volunteers. Some of the proceeds of this raffle will be used to start a dedicated scholarship in the builders name.
We will draw the winning ticket when all 2500 tickets are sold, or on 10/1/2021. We will be marketing the ticket sales aggressively, and its our hope to announce a winner by early spring 2021.   
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