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When my son Ben was born, I saw a world of possibilities and opportunities for him.  But at 18 months old, he was diagnosed with Autism and my whole world view shifted.  Each stage of his life saw it's own challenges.  We celebrated every milestone, every achievement, culminating with his graduation from High School.  As we celebrated this event, we watched as the services that had nurtured our son through the years evaporated overnight.  While most graduates were headed off to college or work and moving towards an independent life, Ben was stuck in a limbo of sorts.  He lived at home and was socially isolated.  As we explored housing options, we found the existing models to be outdated and insufficient to meet his needs.  Group homes offered a community environment but lacked any real sense of independence and supportive apartments provided independence without the community. 
I asked myself- why shouldn't my child have both? Why should any family have to choose?  Indie Living was born out of this concept.  The concept behind Indie Living is simple.  Create comfortable, affordable "smart" apartments and provide on-site opportunities for socialization, education and recreation for individuals with Autism and related disabilities.
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I talk about Ben most of the time with regard to Indie Living, because he was my first foray into this world.  But, let's not forget that Autism looks different in everyone.  The bottom picture is my 16-year-old son, Adam.  He is also on the Spectrum, but in very different ways than his brother.  I always told them that they were lucky they were cute.

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