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Signup for our first annual raffle!  We are raising awareness and support for Abuse Refuge Org, affectionally known as ARO. We created ARO based on the need for dramatic change in the Abuse Care Industry. I am Kelly Dehn, the National Executive Director and Co-Founder of ARO. We saw an opportunity to help those who are most in need of our future services within the "Abused Community". I was a living, breathing and walking example of an abused victim in every way imaginable.  There are 7 major categories we are currently focused on to include: Narcissism, Sexual, Physical, Psychological, Financial, Child and Self-Abuse.

During my final struggles to hang on to life, I somehow realized that all I needed was a "Hand up" and not a "Hand out". With the grace of God, a few angelic souls valued my worth at a time I could barely see my own. And without even knowing it at the time, these angels helped me to create various methodologies that not only worked for me towards my healing, it also gave clarity and sight with the ability to finally look at me and to accept the truth about myself. 

ARO is now a much larger effort and we are designed to pay forward the same help I received to others. We are raising $2 million through our grass roots efforts by the end of 2020. We will apply these donations, grants and other charity towards our infrastructure, hiring needs and to salaries, equipment and corporate services. Simultaneously, we are currently building out a mental health platform to accommodate the professional staff, medical expertise and other mental hygienists. As we meet certain benchmarks, we will launch a series of pilot programs. 

All of our services are free of charge to the victim. Keeping our services without cost to the victim, we find ourselves continually raising money. Once our organization grows beyond measure, as we currently have volunteers, interns and staff in over 20 countries, we will begin to allocate resources towards chapters and Executive Directorships through out the country.

Currently, the suicide rate is up beyond 900% in call volume since the inception of COVID-19. Victims find themselves sequestered with their tormentors without escape. Through your generous support we will be better able to continue our success in providing victims support during these critical times of need. If you are able to! If you are able to donate...donate! If you find yourself in need of service or you have a friend who may need services, get involved! Although money is our number one objective insofar as infrastructure is concerned, we also look for pro bono and sponsored services to assist us along the way. 

If you are a Sponsor, Corporation or a generous Philanthropist, please do not hesitate to make contact with us by emailing

We thank you in advance for your support as we "Breathe life" and Run Against Abuse.

If you ARE interested in participating in the "Run Against Abuse Virtual 5K Walk/Run" click the link to learn more:

If you are NOT interested in participating in the "Run Against Abuse Virtual 5K Walk/Run" but would like to enroll in the raffle, you can do so here!

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  • 3 Winners Will be Selected!!

    The Grand Prize winner will receive a Hand Made Collage Crafted by Kelly Dehn, the Co-Founder and National Director of Abuse Refuge Org (ARO)! Below are a few examples of her work. (Restrictions apply).
    2nd and 3rd drawing winner will receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card.

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