1st Annual #Ball4All Raffle

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     3x3 basketball is steadily evolving as a popular alternative to the traditional 5vs5 setup. Basketball is a sport that often thrives on the possession of exceptional athletic ability, and oftentimes skill sets that the average person may not have, which could be discouraging and limits the participation of those who might otherwise be interested. But with 3x3, one can go back to the basics, have fun, and is a discipline that truly anyone can play with varying degree of skill level (hence my adopted hashtag #ball4all). Also limitations are removed with no coaching, and freedom of movement is highly encouraged.
     3x3 will make players better as skill development is promoted. Back to the original point, during a 5-on-5 game for a young person, they could play the whole game and might not touch the ball, they might not shoot the ball. It is impossible for a young person to play 3x3 and not touch the ball, and probably possible they might not shoot it, but the game has to be fun for the young people and I think 3x3 provides a new opportunity for young people to emotionally engage in the game. Also, more opportunities to represent your country is available. Most of us will not play on the traditional USA Basketball team which usually boasts NBA superstars. However, now with the addition of 3x3 to the Olympics, there are avenues for which the average Joe could find him or herself representing the USA on the biggest stage.
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     Thus, Tri Cities Monarchs 3vs3 was formed, in partnership with Hoop It Up, a staple in the 3x3 arena since 1989, in order to develop those opportunities, bring this exciting style of play to the Tri Cities area, to provide opportunities for everyone to be involved, and provide entertainment in our communities. We are hopeful that with the proceeds from this raffle, we will have the working capital to begin to build quality events in our community, which will involve tournaments and leagues, support charitable foundations in our immediate neighborhoods, and provide a means to participate for those who may have financial burdens or other hardships limiting their access.
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     I, as Director and General Manager of Tri Cities Monarchs, from the bottom of my heart thank you so wholeheartedly for your support, and for helping me spread my love for this amazing game throughout the land and a way for everyone to get involved.
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The Prize

  • Western Caribbean Cruise to Mexico

    5-day/4-night Cruise for 2 aboard Royal Caribbean Adventurer of the Seas
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    Western Caribbean Includes:
    -Overview Room
    -All port & government charges covered, INCLUDED food & beverages**.
    -$75 Onboard credit provided.

    November 12-17, 2021

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    Day 1:
    Deport / At Sea*
    Day 2:
    Costa Maya. MX
    Day 3:
    Cozumel, MX
    At Sea
    Day 5:
    Returning to port*

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    Cost: $30 per Ticket
    Drawing: March 1, 2021

    Proceeds will be used to support offsetting operating expenses for youth leagues and aleve some costs to assist less fortunate participants.

    *Deporting & Returning Port: Galveston, TX*  
                                                            **Alcohol, excursions, and roundtrip is the responsibility of winner**