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Kyle and Amanda's Back Story:
We have been trying to conceive for four years now, and have hit many roadblocks and obstacles along the way. Amanda was diagnosed with PCOS and we've been working with a fertility clinic for 2 years, taking part in various treatments and medications.

We were able to get pregnant twice; but one resulted in an early miscarriage and the other resulted in an ectopic pregnancy. However-- we're staying optimistic!

Now we're moving on to IVF, which unfortunately is not covered by insurance and will cost a whopping $25,000 out of pocket. Our hope is to raise enough to cover the cost of medications and injections (about $6000). We realize that we're fortunate to be in the position to even consider IVF, because there are many couples that struggle with infertility and might not have the resources or the time to do IVF. That is why we also want to contribute 10% of the funds we raise to the Gift of Parenthood organization, which provides grants to families who can't afford IVF or other fertility treatments.

We will be posting video updates and progress reports as we continue through our journey toward becoming parents; feel free to learn more on our website: A Billion Baby Steps.

Regarding the raffle:
We wanted a fun way to raise money, instead of just taking donations. For every $750 that is raised, we will raffle off a prize valued between $150-$250. We will continue to add to the prize list and will do the raffle once we before our first embryo transfer IVF (timing slated around August 31, 2021). We will do the raffle live on life video.

The prizes will be things like:
High-end bottles of wine (2-3 bottles, worth $250)
Live or virtual performance by Mr. Kyle Arnold ($200 value)
Amazon Gift card ($200 value)
HD Ring Door Bell ($150 value)
And  more!

P.S. If you're feeling extra lucky (and generous), you can get 3 tickets for the price of 2, or 8 for the price of 5! Also, if you'd like to forego the raffle or donate anonymously, please use our other PayPal link on our website, under the Fundraisers tab.

We want to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts, for all the words of encouragement, well-wishes, and your continued support and love!!!

Kyle, Amanda, and Daisy
Kyle, Daisy, and Amanda - Halloween 2020

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