2023 DPIL Raffle - Tuffet

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Win this Beautiful Tuffet and Framed Poem!

D41 Kids Foundation’s
annual Raffle in support of their
Dolly Parton Imagination Library!
Handmade Tuffet and Poem

Do you want more District 41 kids to curl up with books? Please nod your head yes! 
The D41 Kids Foundation has partnered with Dolly to mail age-appropriate books every month to registered children under the age of 5 living within the boundaries of Glen Ellyn School District 41 - all for the low cost of $29.
Wait, really?

Yes, $29 covers the yearly cost of mailing 12 books to a child! There is no charge to the families, and all costs are covered by the D41 Kids Foundation, thanks to the generosity of people like you!

Purchase a raffle ticket for $29 and not only have a shot at winning this beautiful tuffet and framed poem, but the satisfaction of knowing you have given the gift of literacy to a child. Winning ticket will be drawn December 9th!
As Dolly says, “You can never get enough books into the hands of enough children.”

The Prize

  • Handmade Tuffet and Framed Poem

    This beautiful handmade tuffet and original poem can be yours - to gift to your favorite someone or keep for yourself. And there's the additional benefit of knowing you have given a child 12 books to keep and cherish, helping them build their literacy skills and arrive to kindergarten ready to learn.

    A Magical Tuffet Ride 
    By Lynn Q. Bruno
    This Magical Tuffet, made just for you,
    Holds special powers and will carry you,
    To a place where you can sit and ponder.
    A place where there’s time to let your mind wander.
    To dream and imagine, or just to be still,
    To rest or to travel wherever you will.
    It’s my hope that you find, when on your tuffet you sit,
    The freedom to wonder and solidify your grit.
    So, park that sweet tush and go where you will,
    Dream those big dreams, or take a moment to chill!
    Know that I love you and I think that you’re great,
    But your dreams are important.
    So, sit down! They can’t wait!

    Poem copyrighted

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