AANR Education Foundation Art Raffle 2022

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The AANR Education Foundation is a charitable partner of the American Association for Nude Recreation. The Foundation provides grants and scholarships to organizations and individuals that support the Foundations goals and objectives, which are to educate the public about the values and benefits of nude recreation and to ensure an understanding of nudism and its rightful status as a social and recreational practice 

The Prizes

  • Music by the Pool

    By Henry Yuen
    11" by 15" unframed
    Limited edition watercolor print - Number 1/8
    Music by the Pool.png 330.63 KB
  • Night on the Bayou

    By ML
    9" by 12" unframed, original
    Acrylic on Canvas
    Night on the Bayou.png 505.26 KB
  • Untitled 1

    Untitled by KINGS
    20" by 24" unframed
    Acrylic on Canvas
    Untitled.png 359.83 KB
  • Untitled 2

    By Anna Rappaport
    9" by 12" unframed
    1) Watercolor on watercolor paper (on left)
    2) Watercolor/Collage on watercolor paper (on right)
    untitled both.png 741.65 KB

    NOTE: Both paintings are a set.
  • Buffalo

    Bafflo.png 4.49 MB
    Bills! – Created, fired, and hand painted by Al Gilewicz
    12” long by 4” wide by 8” high
    Ceramic custom painted with premium high gloss latex enamel paints

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Music by the Pool

Night on the Bayou

Untitled 1

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