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     The second-generation Piper Cub, the J-4 Cub Coupe, was introduced in 1938 and was much-improved over the historic yellow J-3 Cub, first built in 1937.  One thousand two hundred fifty-one J-4s were built between 1938 and 1941.  
     With the cloud of World War II approaching, the U.S. Army contracted with Piper to produce nearly 6,000 of the less expensive J-3s.  To meet the contract’s demands, Piper stopped production of the J-4 and J-5 Cubs so they could turn out a new J-3 every 10 minutes.  
     Because more than 300,000 pilots had trained in them, J-3s remained in high demand after the war and the J-4 Cub production line was never restarted.
     Although none were painted yellow, the J-4 is definitely a Cub.  It flies like a Cub and has all the great J-3 flying characteristics, but with many improvements.
     First, it features side-by-side seating and is significantly wider than Taylorcrafts, Luscombes, early Cessnas and other two-place aircraft of the era, making it more comfortable.  With wide doors, windows, and steps on both sides, it is very easy to get in and out.  
     To complement the improved comfort and convenience, the J-4 Cub’s performance exceeds that of the J-3 in all areas.  The J-4 is faster and has a higher gross weight, with more range and useful load.  Here is a comparison of the two aircrafts’ capabilities.
                                                              J-3                    J-4
          EMPTY WEIGHT                     765 lbs           741 lbs
          GROSS WEIGHT                  1,220 lbs        1,300 lbs
          USEFUL LOAD                        455 lbs          559 lbs
          MAX SPEED                            87 mph        100 mph
          CRUISE SPEED                       75 mph          92 mph
          RANGE                                  191 miles       360 miles
          RANGE WITH AUX TANK                           500 miles
      N35001 has flown approximately 3,100 hours over the past 83 years, but has had many improvements.  Its 85-horsepower engine has flown only 200 hours since a major overhaul was completed in 2021.  It sips a miserly 4-1/2 gallons each hour, giving the aircraft over 5 hours of endurance with a range of over 500 miles, using fuel from its 16-gallon main tank and 9-gallon auxiliary tank.  
     The aircraft was completely renovated with Stits Polyfiber in 1991 and has been hangared ever since.  It has a Sensenich aluminum propeller, sealed struts, Slick magnetos, new Grove disc brakes, and inertia reel shoulder harnesses.  New leather upholstery was added this year.
     Although it does not have an engine-driven electrical system, no hand propping is needed!   it has the safety and convenience of an electric starter and plenty of power available to operate the Sporty's PJ-2 portable radio (included) and your tablet or smartphone for navigation.  The permanently-installed external antenna connects to the PJ-2 to greatly extend its communications range.  Simply hook the aircraft battery to a charger every few flights to keep it at peak performance. 
     The J-4 Cub Coupe is a Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) so it can be flown by a Sport Pilot without an FAA Medical Certificate.  And, without an engine-driven electrical system, it is exempt from transponder and ADS-B requirements. 

  • Airframe:  1991 Restoration with approximately 3,100 hours total time since new
  • The aircraft will come with an April 2024 Annual Inspection
  • Engine:  85 hp Continental C85-12 with approximately 200 hours Since Major Overhaul
  • Aluminum Propeller:  Sensenich M76A K-2 
  • Slick Magnetos 
  • Stits Polyfiber Covering
  • Sealed Struts
  • Grove Disc Brakes
  • Inertial-reel Shoulder Harnesses
  • All ADs complied with
  • Sporty's PJ-2 handheld radio with external antenna mounted on airframe
  • Complete logs since 1969
  • Damage history:  Aircraft was flipped in 1987, prior to restoration
     Times will change slightly as we will be flying the aircraft during the raffle period so the winner will receive a proven aircraft.


  1. This is a raffle – not a contest. 100% of the money raised supports our charitable and educational mission.  Void where prohibited by law. Not valid outside of the USA.
  2. You can buy as many raffle tickets as you wish. Tickets are $50.00 each or 3 for $125, 5 for $200, or 10 for $375.  Each ticket has a chance of winning 1 of 3 prizes. 
  3. You must be 18 years of age or older to participate in this raffle.
  4. A maximum of 4,000 tickets will be sold. AeroCareers has the option to draw the winners at an earlier date if all tickets are sold before the scheduled drawing date, [September 2, 2024.]
  5. Winners will be contacted by phone. You do not need to be present to win.  Follow-up contact will be made via e-mail and certified mail.
  6. The prizes may be transferred to anyone you wish, as long as they are located in the USA.
  7. The fair market value of the Piper J-4 Cub Coupe is $35,000.  
  8. All taxes, licenses, registration fees or other required fees or expenses are the sole responsibility of the winner.  Appropriate reporting to the winner and IRS will be provided.  Federal income tax withholding requirements apply to the grand prize.  (See IRS Notice 1340 for details.)
  9. The prizes will be awarded within 14 days of the raffle drawing and AeroCareers will store the aircraft at the Millstadt Flight Park (1IL4), located 12 miles south of the St. Louis Gateway Arch, at no charge for 30 days after it has been awarded. The winner will be officially notified by US Certified Mail. The winner must sign a hold harmless agreement and a publicity, media and photo release. Second and Third Prizes will be mailed directly to the winning individual's address, once notified.
  10. If the winner declines acceptance of a prize, AeroCareers will draw another winner.
  11. Direct any questions to [email protected]
The odds of winning $25,000 in the Powerball lottery if you buy $50 worth of tickets are 1 in 115,509. The odds of winning our $25,000 Jackpot or our beautiful Piper Cub Coupe are 29 times better—only 1 in 4,000, or even less if not all the tickets are sold! 
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