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Think Big Jesse is a charity raffle fundraiser set up to help support 14-year-old Jesse Martello, JR. and his battle with T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia. This raffle consists of some great donations from some of the biggest tackle manufactures in the sportfishing industry like Penn Reels, Hooker Electric, Reel Easy Custom Rods & Tackle, L.T. Marine Products, Blue Action Tackle, Joey's Rod Building, Winthrop Tackle, Tsunami, Trophy Tackle, Chatter Lures, Deep Ocean Apparel, JB Tackle, Chumchuker

Back Story: 14-year-old, Jesse, Jr. was recently diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukemia called T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. The outlook is optimistic, but the battle is just beginning. The doctors’ initial prognosis indicates that Jesse, Jr. is in for a fight that could last 3 years with chemotherapy and many hospital visits, during what should be the prime years of his youth. Jesse, Jr. is an avid fisherman who regularly mates for his fathers charter business Think Big Charters aboard the boat “Necessary Expense”. Jesse also enjoys playing soccer, basketball and lacrosse, racing his go kart at Stafford Motor Speedway in Stafford, Connecticut, going skiing and snowmobiling!

Right now, Jesse's family faces uncertainty with the medical costs and other financial burdens associated with treating this disease. To help ease the burden, this charity raffle of high quality sportfishing gear donated by some of the biggest names in the industry has been set up to help facilitate a fundraising effort to help aid Jesse Jr's family with the medical expenses they will face during his battle.


Tickets will run @ $25.00/pc

Purchase 4 Tickets Get 1 Free.

All entrants who purchase 1 ticket will qualify for drawings for items valued @ $300 or less.

All entrants who purchase 2 or more tickets will be entered into all drawings.
Raffle entries will be ceased on April 3rd 2022, and drawing and winners will be announced by April 8th 2022.
100% of the proceeds from the raffles will be donated to the Martello family.

The Prizes

  • Hooker Electric Modular Rod Rack Valued @ $300.00

    Hooker-Electric-Modular-Fishing-Rod-Black-Rack.jpg 75.36 KB

    Special Thank You to Trista Evans @ Hooker Electric for this generous donation! 

    Hooker Electric’s Exclusive Modular Rod Rack is designed for 12 rods with reels. As a modular rack, it is designed to expand 12 rods at each expansion (extension optional). The marine rod rack provides effective access to all your big game offshore rods fitted with Hooker Electric reels and other brands. The rack’s design provides the added protection of smooth edges and rounded corners complete with a professional finish. Each Top hole is 1-1/2″ and the bottom hole has a 1-1/2″ ball nose to keep rods centered for vertical retention and turning the rod and reel in any direction you prefer.

    The modular rack system is suitable for fresh or saltwater use while on the boat as well as rod storage in your garage. The fabrication includes a marine-grade polymer and stainless steel hardware which allows a safe wash down with anti-rust confidence. Some easy assembly is required. However, if you pick them up from the Florida showroom, they will be preassembled if requested.

    Rod Rack Base Specifications:
    • Dimensions 35.5″L x 16″W x 12″ H
    • Modular design for easy expansion
    • Holds 12 big game rods & reels
    • Fresh or saltwater use
    • Made of marine grade polymer
    • Eco-Friendly

    Possible Capacity Configurations for the Rack Base*:
    12 – Standard straight rods up to 50W reel or
    6 – Shimano-Penn 70/80 WITHOUT electric motor with bent butt rods plus 6 more standard straight rods up to 30W reel or
    4 – Shimano-Penn 70/80 WITH electric motor with bent butt rods plus 8 more standard straight rods up to 30W reel or
    6 – Shimano-Penn 50’s WITH electric motor with bent butt rods plus 6 more standard straight rods up to 50W reel
    *Not Rated for LP or Penn-Shimano 130s reels.

  • Tsunami Tackle Saltex 6000 Spinning Reel Valued @ $400

    SaltX 6000 Black.png 237.17 KB
    Special thank you to Tom Fucini @ Folsom Corporation for his generous donation of this Tsunami SaltX 6000 Spinning Reel!

    Built for Saltwater. The Tsunami Salt X Spinning Reel is constructed out of a full metal body while utilizing 14 seals to ensure no water enter. No need to worry about spray when your on the boat or waves breaking over you're shoulder with the new Salt X!


    • Forged and CNC machined A6061 Aluminum Body and Rotor
    • Fully Sealed Design Utilizes 14 Seals
    • Sealed Hammer Drag System
    • Digitally optimized S Drive Stainless Steel Face Gear
    • 7 Sealed Stainless Steel Ball Bearings plus One Anti-Reverse bearing
    • Rotor brake with manually closing bail
    Salt and sand are a universal constant for any surf fisherman. Keeping spray and crashing waves from damaging a reel is the goal of any high quality, high performance reel maker. The new Tsunami SaltX™ fully sealed spinning reel is, from the first sketches on blank paper, designed to keep working reliably in those worst conditions...season after season, trophy after big fish trophy.

    The totally unique, fully sealed Tsunami SaltX™ series of Salt Water Proof spinning reels feature 14 precision internal seals in all of the key, strategic locations to shield critical components from harmful contaminants and any saltwater intrusion. These internal seals assure both long term protection and super smooth operation. The strong HAMMER carbon fiber drag system controls heavy lines and big fish with both smooth operation and plenty of power from its 50lb max drag rating. Seven sealed stainless steel bearings are wrapped in a forged and CNC machined 6016 high performance aluminum alloy body delivering light weight, strength, protection, precision and toughness. A heavy-duty, rotor brake controlled, fully manual bail system is found on each SaltX™ model for complete reliability. The precision machined aluminum spool is fully sealed and braid-ready with a built-in arbor band to assure the best control of super strong super-braids cast after smooth, long cast. 

  • Penn 80 VISW Gold Reel Paired With Custom 80-130 Class Chatham Special Rod Valued @ $1600.00

    IMG_2280.PNG 1.77 MB

    Special thanks to Fred Radcliff @ Pure Fishing for this generous donation of a Penn 80 VISW.

    Special thanks to Chris Gergely @ L.T. Marine for this generous donation of a Chatham Special 80/130 Giant Stand Up Rod.

    Nothing more needs to be said! This Raffle is for a brand new Penn 80 VISW paired with a brand new Chatham Special 80/130 Giant Tuna Rod built on a Calstar BRT80 Blank with all Winthrop Tackle Xcaliber Roller Guides and Aftco #6 Butt!

  • Pair of L.T. Marine 0 Degree HD Swivel Base Rod Holders Valued @ $350.00

    IMG_2297.PNG 3.61 MB
    Special thank you to Chris Gergely @ L.T. Marine for this generous donation of a pair of L.T. Marine 0 Degree HD Swivel Rod Holders.
    These are the most heavy duty and more refined looking rod holders on the market. Used by commercial and sport fish boats up and down the East and West Coasts there guaranteed to last with a Lifetime Warranty! They come with all the mounting hardware to make installation a breeze!
  • L.T. Marine Commercial Giant Tuna Swim Hook Valued @ $145.00

    IMG_2282.PNG 1.02 MB
    Special thank you to Chris Gergely @ L.T. Marine for this generous donation of an L.T. Marine Commercial Giant Tuna Swim Hook. Specifically used by commercial giant tuna fisherman to swim/revive giant tuna prior to bleeding them out to help reduce lactic acid and reduce core temperature in the fish to help improve the grade/quality of the fish at market!
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