Piperfest 1st Annual Raffle Fundraiser

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The Piper Community Festival Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization that helps all the students in the Piper school district. Funds raised are used for academic and extracurricular needs that cannot be covered by the school budget. The funds we raise are given directly to the Superintendent and administration for use and distribution in the district for classroom resources, field trips, supplies, technology, and more. 
Our main event is in September each year - Piper Community Festival - and is known and loved by our whole community. In 2019 (our last operating year due to Covid), we raised almost $20,000 for our district! We are looking to meet and exceed that number this year, but we need your help!

To make PiperFest hugely successful, we are working to raise the funds needed to get the event off the ground. Any extra funds raised from this raffle will of course be passed on to the district with our main donation from the Festival. 
Our teachers and staff are working so hard to provide a wonderful learning environment for our children. Too often they must come out of their own pocket to provide an excellent experience for them. Let's lessen this load!  

Please support PiperFest, your children, and the district teachers and staff by purchasing raffle tickets! 

  • Ticket sales will run 3/25 through 4/24 
  • Daily drawings will be held via Facebook starting 4/25, winners selected at random
  • 20 prizes - 20 chances to win - Each ticket stays in the pot until drawn! 
  • If your ticket is drawn, you win the prize(s) featured that day!
  • You do not need to be present to win

Thank you for supporting the future of our community!
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The Prizes