Ukraine Relief Raffle to Win 2014 Mercedes

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Greetings Friends!

Thank you for participating in the Ukraine Humanitarian Relief Raffle for a chance to win a 2014 MERCEDES-BENZ M-CLASS. The vehicle was donated to The Loving Lifeline to support this fundraiser.

  • There is no limit to the number of tickets you may purchase.  
  • There will be no discounts for purchasing multiple tickets. 
  • Participants must be 16 years of age or older.
  • Only members of our charity or those authorized by members of our charity may sell tickets to this raffle.  The only members currently authorized to sell tickets to this raffle are Andrey Ilyuk, Ken Tassey, Stanislav Tryfonov, Jeffrey Comeau and Samuil Palchevskiy. 
  • A non-cash prize will be given away at the end of the raffle: please check your state and federal tax laws to understand any tax implications through the winning of the non-cash raffle prize. 
  • The Loving Lifeline board members and their parents, siblings, spouses and children are exempt from winning the raffle prize, but may donate to the raffle.
  • You do not need to be present on the Facebook live feed to win the raffle prize. 
  • The winner will be selected electronically by RaffleCreator.  
  • The winner will be contacted by phone or email upon selection of the winner.  
  • UPDATE:  Our original end date to the raffle was at 7:00 pm Eastern Time on Monday May 16, 2022.  Because we have only raised about 25% of our intended target, we will continue the raffle for another 1-2 months.   
  • May 16 is the expiration of our raffle permit and we will be issued a new permit on Monday May 23, thereabouts, therefore, we will need to shut down the raffle until we receive the new permit.  Sorry for any confusion.
State Law:
  • Raffles in the state of New Hampshire are governed by state law  RSA 287-A:
  • The Loving Lifeline has received its Town of Auburn permit to conduct a raffle in the state of NH.  A copy of the permit is available by request via email at 
Our goal for this raffle is to raise $100,000.  Funds will be utilized for relief goods such as food, clothing, medical and first-aid supplies, blankets  and other living necessities for those who have been displaced due to the war in Ukraine.   

Three of the founding members of The Loving Lifeline are Ukrainian Americans with family and friends living in Ukraine.  We formed The Loving Lifeline when we saw the tragic events unfolding in Ukraine. We wanted to help the Ukrainian people whose lives were destroyed and changed forever. We hope that peace will come soon  and that through the collaboration between generous donors and volunteers the Ukrainian people can quickly recover.

Use of Funds: 
Initially, the team at The Loving Lifeline will receive and distribute donations for use by the Ukrainian people inside Ukraine where the greatest needs are identified.  Our larger mission is to support and provide relief anywhere people are suffering, particularly to those in need of food, water, clothing, first-aid and basic living supplies due to famine, drought, war, forced migration, natural disaster, or other extenuating circumstances. 

 If you would like to volunteer your time, donate money or can provide durable goods donations, please contact us at  We will supply you with a list of most-needed items.  

The Loving Lifeline is a registered New Hampshire Non-Profit entity, and is working under the Fiscal Sponsorship of 501c(3) of a local non-profit, Jesus is the Way Mission for Haiti.  

Please also visit us for updates and news at: 


 Thank you and God bless You!


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