1987 Monte "Black Blurry" Carlo SS Giveaway

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The first collab between these two was for the history books. Congratulations to Sean Cole! He's the Man everybody wants to be. Had that Golden Ticket.

But this one right here?!?! They took it up a notch.
The second collaboration between the comedian and improv master, Karlous Miller, of the 85 South Show and Wild n' Out veteran and Donkmaster, a living legend in the world of Big Wheel Racing.

Karlous named this one.....wait for it.....The Black Blurry, with Micheal Blackson Black Paint
Why? Because the world will watch as we build this as a replica of the notorious Black Blur!

Now, it won't be as fast, simple because we can't responsibly release that kind of power into the wild. There's just too much boost on that original Black Blur. There is a reason only a few are top tier drivers. But you will have enough power to serve Gapsauce to a Hellcat. Start taking in some of those DDD's (Dodge Dealership Donations)  when you show up at the track.

From now until December 3rd, everyone will be hoping they hold the winning ticket to ride off into the sunset with a 1 of 1, complete replica of the Black Blur....as the Black Blurry.
(Makes me smile every time I say it.)

Pay attention to these specs:
1987 Monte Carlo SS

Custom Interior with Original Black Blur Dash
Shiny black paint like Michael Blackson's forehead
LS Engine built for Boost (Enough to Gap a Hellcat)
88mm Promod Turbo
Holley serpentine kit
Big Aluminum Radiator with spal fans
FTI Big Wheel spec transmission and Converter
NDRA DoM Driveshaft 1350 Ujoints
Moser 9 inch Rearend w 1/2 inchStuds
WilWood Disc Brakes Front and Rear
Viking Coil over Shocks all the way around
Custom Floor Shifter
Dual Holley Fuel Pump
Vibrant Black An Hose
Dakota Digital Dash
LED head lights
LED Taillights
24 inch all gold Rucci Wheels

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You will see it go from this:

To This:

Donations of $200+ get a prize pack with a special edition T-shirt and a few other goodies.

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The Prizes

  • The Black Blurry - 1987 Monte Carlo SS

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    This beauty is a real Rockstar strut through your city.
    Built, not bought.
  • 2nd Place Prize

    A solid cold $1,000 cash
  • 3rd Place Prize

    Donkmaster x Akoo/85 South Gift box
  • 4th Place Price

    Karlous Miller/85 South one of a kind GHETTO PRIZE.
    Last time he was talking a hood edition prize with crab legs, fresh lashes for the Ladies and some other crazy stuff he mentioned.
    He hasn't decided EXACTLY what the prize will be this time, but it will be worth the wait. Stay tuned....