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In 2018 Ismael (Smiley) Valle was diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Prostate Cancer.  Metastatic means it had already metastasized to other areas of the body, in his case, 100% of the bone.    Let it be known that Smiley was only 46 years old when diagnosed and has NO family history of this disease.   Doctor's immediately began an aggressive treatment plan that included more than 40 sessions of radiation and 6 sessions of chemotherapy.   During the process of treatment, we found that Smiley was allergic to traditional chemotherapy as it sent him into anaphylactic shock during each treatment just minutes after the medicine was administered.   

The 2018 treatment plan kept the disease at bay for quite a while, until 2021.   The cancer made a comeback, and doctors quickly began a new plan of treatment.   This time around, Smiley endured 6 sessions of Radium Infusions.   Unfortunately, this method of treatment did not do as well as we had hoped.

Smiley and his team of doctors will make history as It is now time for additional (and more aggressive) treatment.  PSMA (this treatment uses a molecule that selectively seeks out and attaches to a specific protein on the cancer cell surface called PSMA. This stands for Prostate-Specific Membrane Antigen - this technology delivers radiation that destroys the cancer cell).  PSMA is brand new and was just approved and released by the FDA in March of 2022.  Smiley will be the first recipient of PSMA in the State of Arizona and one of the first nationwide.    The duration of this treatment is about 8 months. 

Of course this treatment comes with a hefty price tag - approx. $60,000 per dose - and Smiley will require 6 doses.   Insurance will cover 80% of the cost, which leaves Smiley and his family to pay  20% out of pocket.    The shower raffle proceeds will be applied to Smiley's medical bills and living expenses.  

If you wish to donate and not enter the raffle or if you have questions,  you may contact Marie Valle via email - or you may text/call 520-788-4214.  


Thank you in advance for your generosity!

The Prize

  • Shower Remodel

    Madera Construction and Remodeling is donating a Shower Remodel that has a value of $7k.

    Rules are below for the Standard Custom Shower:
    - 5x3x7 MAX Size
    - Upgrades available for an added cost
    - Green Valley/ Sahuarita area ONLY
    - Transferable (someone can give the shower to someone else)
    - Subject to verification of site and project feasibility
    - Value of $7k for new project
             * Can be applied to existing shower project contract or completed shower project completed within the last or next 12 months
    - Project to be complete in March 2023 (subject to change)

    - Tile floor and walls up to 7'H
    - (1) Soap/ Shampoo insert
    - (1) Shower corner seat
    - (1) Delta Shower valve and fixture
    - (1) 3/16" frameless bypass shower glass enclosure