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Bert's Salute to America has teamed up with Project One Vet at A Time (POVAT) to raise money for veterans in the Port Charlotte and St.Pete/Clearwater areas. Project One Vet @ A Time (POVAT) was established in 2019 by retired Air Force Command Chief Master Sergeant William Markham, Jeffrey O'Hara, Esq., and Mark McLaughlin, MD. Looking closely at the POVAT logo, the three stars on the "A" represent these three founding members. Project OVAT was borne from Will Markham's own struggle for appropriate Veterans Affairs (VA) disability ratings. Understanding what he endured throughout his 30-year military career, only to have to justify his injuries to the VA after it downgraded his disability rating, allows people to understand why this mission is so important and personal to him. The personal and professional relationships he developed during his challenging VA adversity remain today and enable him to meaningfully connect with the veterans his nonprofit serves.
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