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TFO and Midwest Gun Swap (MWGS) have partnered up to offer an amazing opportunity for 4 veterans. Zach from MWGS recognizes the sacrifice that service members have made to defend our country and is looking to give back to those who have helped keep America free.

 Proceeds of this raffle will go to support The Fallen Outdoors Missouri

4 winners will be chosen from this raffle and will receive the prize package listed on the right.

*Must be a veteran or currently serving in the Armed Forces to apply
**Winners will be contacted to coordinate their class date for the Thompson Long range course.
***All 4 winners will attend the course together during the spring/summer of 2023
****Whitetail hunt will take place sometime during the 23-24 Season
*****Winners will be responsible for all Hunting Licenses/Tags for the Whitetail hunt.
******Winner must pass NICS background check with local FFL to obtain Rifle


What is Midwest Gun Swap?

Midwest Gun Swap is a new site with ambitious goals of becoming one of the forerunning sites to sell your firearms and add to your arsenal.  Midwest Gun Swap makes the process of selling your firearm as easy as making a post.

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Who is Thompson Long Range

We specialize in the education and distribution of long-range hunting and target rifles.

The Prize

  • Thompson Long Range Rifle Package + Whitetail Hunt

    1. Thompson Long Range Rifle (257 Weatherby Magnum)
    2. Leupold Vx5HD Scope
    3. Gun case with Ammo, sling, and bipod
    4. 2-day Thompson Long Range course in Logan Utah
    5. Whitetail Hunt hosted by TFO Team Missouri (date/location TBD)
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