Illini Moms Reverse Cash Raffle 2024

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Would you be willing to donate $100 to help fund scholarships for students in need?

YES???  GREAT!!! 
What if you could donate AND have a chance to win in return?   How about 25 chances to win in return?! 


$100 might seem like a lot for one ticket to enter a raffle.  But......with only 400 tickets available, and 25 winners - that's a 1/16 chance to win.  The prizes range from $150 to the grand prize of $5000.  As long as we sell at least 200 tickets, all of our prize amounts will be guaranteed.  If we can't quite sell 200, we will still award 25 prizes, the amounts will just be slightly less.  It is a fundraiser after all :) 

But what do we mean by reverse raffle?  Glad you asked!

It's a different way to draw winners - instead of hoping your ticket is the first and only one chosen, you will want to watch as we draw names, one at a time, and hope you don't hear yours!  That's right!  The longer you go without hearing your name the CLOSER you are to the grand prize.  Along the way we will choose 24 other winners too (at predetermined positions).  

Grab a ticket or two and watch on FB Live as we cap off another fantastic Moms Weekend with this drawing on Sunday afternoon (April 14th) around 1pm.   Proceeds from the raffle and all of our other events will help us reach a historic milestone to celebrate our 100th anniversary.....
100 individual $1000 scholarships in ONE YEAR to UIUC students
How AMAZING is that?   

Here are a few of our 38 scholarship recipients from last year - THANK YOU all for making a difference for these students and many others.  We are awarding 62 additional scholarships on Moms Weekend this year!!

We look forward to seeing everyone on Moms Weekend and GOOD LUCK!!

Prize amounts for tickets sold:
100-150 tickets sold  - $6,500 total - 25 prizes
150-200 tickets sold  - $9,750 total - 25 prizes
200+ tickets sold - $13,000 total - 25 prizes!!

***Last year we sold over 200 and were able to provide the full prize amounts!!  Less than one month to get your ticket!!!

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The Prizes

  • ONE - $5000 Grand Prize

  • Three - $1000 Prizes

  • Three - $500 Prizes

  • Eight - $250 Prizes

  • Ten - $150 Prizes