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This raffle is to raise funds and awareness for Rett Syndrome, a condition that is very close to my and my families hearts. As many of you know my 8 year old niece Dionne suffers from this rare disease and it will be my greatest victory to one day be a small part of finding a cure for all Rett girls.
All profits from this raffle will go to the Rett Syndrome Research Trust (RSRT), a organization who I consider the leaders in Rett Syndrome research.
As of now we have a number of Raffle Items available but will be adding items as we go along so please check back over the coming weeks to see new items. Prizes will be presented in order of ticket drawing, for example first ticket equals prize #1, second ticket drawn is prize #2 and so on.

Below is our official press release announcing "Ryan’s Rett Razzle Dazzle Double Weekend"

Dalziel Double: Professional Racing driver Ryan Dalziel raising Rett Syndrome Awareness in his Double-Race Day Saturday September 17, 2016

A lot of people have busy Saturdays, but none have plans like Ryan Dalziel, who will race sports cars in two endurances races this Saturday at the Circuit of the Americas with VISIT FLORIDA Racing and Tequila Patron ESM for “Ryan’s Rett Razzle Dazzle Double Weekend…”   

Daytona Beach, Fla. (13 September 2016)  Racing in two big endurance races on the same day at the Formula 1-grade Circuit of the Americas outside of Austin, Texas this Saturday, Ryan Dalziel will kick off his double race day driving the VISIT FLORIDA Racing Chevrolet Prototype in the Lone Star Le Mans,  a three hour enduro. 

The race is the penultimate event of the 2016 IMSA WeatherTech Sportscar Championship, and will see him share a Daytona Prototype Corvette with his co-driver Marc Goossens.

Not long after that, it will be right back to the races for the Florida resident and 24 Hour of Le Mans winner, as he changes from his VISIT FLORIDA Sky Blue driver suit to the black and green Tequila Patron ESM colors for his second race of the day. Racing into the night in his Nissan-powered Ligier Prototype, Dalziel will go up against teams from around the world for ESM in the six-hour World Endurance Championship event at the Circuit of the Americas. 

Besides chasing trophies, Dalziel is using his long day to raise awareness and funds for the Rett Syndrome Research Trust, something that is close to his heart. Fans are encouraged to visit https://reverserett.org/donate/

Following the big double day of racing, Dalziel will also be raffling off his  race suits, one from both race teams, to raise funds for the Rett Syndrome Research Trust. Dalziel has created an online raffle where you will be able to purchase tickets to enter into the raffle. Along with the Visit Florida Racing, and Patron ESM race suits, Ryan has also been able to have amazing donations from some of his sponsors including, custom Sparco Rett Syndrome Race boots, a Visit Florida Racing signed windshield from the 2016 Corvette DP, a number of Deltran Battery Tender products and a generous donation from Continental Tire for one set of street passenger tires.
“My niece, Dionne, who turned eight on Friday, suffers from a severe neurological disorder called Rett Syndrome that affects more than 350,000 girls and women,” said Dalziel.  “Rett Syndrome has been proven to be reversible in mice.  Research is currently working towards translating this remarkable achievement to people with the disease.  The Rett Syndrome Research Trust (RSRT) is a non-profit that I support and that I have great confidence will be the organization that leads to a cure for my niece.  Please join me in supporting RSRT to make a difference to 350,000 lives.  Every contribution gets us closer to treatments and a cure.”
Media notes:
Ryan Dalziel (http://ryandalziel.com) has won the Rolex 24 At Daytona, 24 Hours of Le Mans, World Endurance Championship, and scores of individual races. Ryan is Scottish, but has called Florida home for years. Fans can keep up with Ryan here: https://twitter.com/ryan_dalziel

Results will be posted at www.imsa.com, and fans can watch the races live on FS2 starting at 12:30 PM ET. 

About Rett Syndrome:
 **   Rett affects primarily girls and women. 
 **   It is caused by a random genetic mutation and it has extremely physically and mentally painful symptoms.  Most girls and women with Rett cannot walk and talk and struggle with seizures, scoliosis, and chewing and swallowing problems so severe that a feeding tube is needed for them to get nourishment.  Most are wheelchair bound for their entire lives.
 **   More than 350,000 are afflicted around the world, including 16,000 in the U.S.
 **   Children with Rett develop normally in the first year or two of life; then they regress, losing the ability to speak and walk and developing other symptoms.
 **   The prevalence of Rett equals that of Cystic Fibrosis, Huntington’s, and ALS, but research is vastly underfunded in comparison to those diseases.
 **   Rett has been reversed in mouse models, and research is now focusing on translating that achievement to girls and women with the disease.
 **   The research progress is very promising, and there is reason to be optimistic that, with increased funding to the research, Rett Syndrome may be the first neurological disorder for which there is a cure.
About the Rett Syndrome Research Trust
 **   To date, RSRT has awarded more than $36 million to research, resulting in key discoveries that are moving the science closer to treatments and a cure. 
 **   RSRT is a lean and efficient non-profit, with an average of 96% of funding going to research. 
 **   This research gives 350,000 girls and women and their families hope for a day when they are freed from Rett Syndrome. 

The Prizes

  • Visit Florida Racing Suit

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    Ryan Dalziel's 2016 Visit Florida Racing custom OMP suit.
  • Patron ESM Racing Suit

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    Ryan Dalziel's 2016 Sparco Motorsport custom race suit
  • Visit Florida Racing Corvette DP signed windshield

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    Actually used windshield from one race during the 2016 season, and signed by Ryan Dalziel, Marc Goossens and Ryan Hunter Reay
  • Deltran Battery Tender - Portable Power Pack

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    Portable Power Pack™


    12V Jump Starter with USB Charger

  • The Battery Tender® Power Tender Plus High Efficiency charger

    Battery Tender® 5A Power Tender Series High Efficiency

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    The Battery Tender® Power Tender Plus High Efficiency is a 5 amp battery charger that will fully charge and maintain a battery at its proper storage voltage without the damaging effects caused by trickle chargers. A higher output (5 amps) for a quicker recharge combined with the automatic switch to maintenance mode makes this unit very versatile. It is an ideal charger for everyday charging use or long term storage and maintenance. Replaces 022-0157-1 and 022-0142-DL-WH in California market.

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