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Fort Clark Springs Raffle

Fort Clark Springs Community Council is hosting its quarterly rifle raffle! We are offering participants the opportunity to win a new Henry .44 mag lever action rifle made in the USA. Only 100 tickets will be sold, and the winner will be contacted by phone and email. Rifle is currently located at D&D Hardware (our local Federal Firearms License holder) in Brackettville, Texas. The winner can either pick up their prize in person, or have it shipped to their preferred FFL. Must be 18 years old, or older to participate. (Texas Residents Only). Guns awarded as prizes will be distributed through licensed dealer and only in compliance with federal and state laws and applicable local ordinances. If a winner is ineligible to receive a prize under relevant state, federal or local laws and regulations, the prize will be forfeited and no substitution will be provided.

 Fort Clark Springs

National Registry
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Fort Clark was a U.S. Military fort in operation for almost 100 years, from 1852 to shortly after WWII.   Many buildings contribute to this designation, both Association and privately owned, as well as remnants and ruins from the Fort's nineteenth century frontier days to the twentieth century days of World War II. 

Fort Clark was established June 20, 1852 at Las Moras Springs by two companies of the First Infantry under the command of Major Joseph H. LaMotte along with an advance and rear guard of U.S. Mounted Rifles (later the 3rd Cavalry). Located at the headwaters of Las Moras Creek, the spring, named "The Mulberries" by Spanish explorers was a site long favored as campgrounds for Comanche, Mescalero, Lipan, and other Indians.

During the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century, the big spring was a stopping place on the eastern branch of the great Comanche War Trail into Mexico. The original site was a strip of 1 to 2 miles in width extending from Las Moras Springs downstream about eight miles. In 1849 Lieutenant W.H.C. Whiting, during his reconnaissance for a practicable route between San Antonio and El Paso, recognized its military potential and recommended the location as a site for a fort. The land was leased from S.A. Maverick. Two Companies (C and E) of the First Infantry encamped near the Springs. Later, the garrison was moved up the hill from the Spring. By 1853 quarters for the soldiers were nearly completed and in 1854 three grass-covered officers' quarters were built. In 1855 a stone hospital and a two-story storehouse were erected.

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Fort Clark Springs Community Council - "Working Together for a Better Community"

Fort Clark Springs Community Council is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that helps raise funds for Fort Clark's historical, infrastructural, and security needs. Members of the council are committed to preserving the Fort's historical significance and standards for current and future generations to come. 


The Prize

  • Henry .44 mag Lever Action

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    Henry Big Boy Brass Side Gate Polished Hardened Brass Lever Action Rifle - 44 Magnum - 20in - Back when the West was still wild, the lever action rifle cemented its position as the tool of choice for wilderness survival and frontier justice. Rugged, trim, and reliable, lever guns put more meat on the table and outlaws behind bars than any other firearm. In the past, they have taken design cues from the original 1860 Henry Repeater, opting to utilize a removable tube magazine. Now, the Big Boy’s polished brass receiver sports a side loading gate, allowing you to top off the tube magazine without dropping the rifle from your shoulder. They have also retained the traditional magazine tube for safe and easy unloading. With both loading options at your disposal, you’ll always have your rifle at the ready. Available in .44 Magnum/44 Spl. Classic pistol cartridges see considerable performance improvements when fired from the Big Boy’s 20in blued steel octagonal barrel, making these rifles a versatile tool to Protect and Provide. In addition, a fully adjustable semi-buckhorn rear sight with a reversible white diamond insert, paired with a brass beaded front sight, makes target acquisition effortless. Features a BB-RSM scope mount type and a side loading gate.